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    13 cities, 6 islands, 4 miracles

    Wood Wine Marble Cristal Sulphur
    I 0% 1 493 1 704
    II 0% 1 750 1 950
    III 0% 1 686 2 123
    IV 7% 1 260 1 350
    V 0% 1 493 1 704
    VI 0% 1 686 2 123
    VII 7% 1 260 1 350
    VIII 7% 1 260 1 350
    IX 7% 1 686 2 123
    X 7% 1 378 1 132
    XI 7% 975 1 573
    XII 7% 1 493 1 704
    XIII 7% 1 521
    hour 17 421 6 369 5 633 1 950 6 755 38 128
    day 418 104 152 856 135 192 46 800 162 120 915 072
    week 2 926 728 1 069 992 946 344 327 600 1 134 840 6 405 504
    month 12 543 120 4 585 680 4 055 760 1 404 000 4 863 600 27 452 160
    year 152 712 486 55 830 654 49 378 878 17 093 700 59 214 330 334 230 048

    Curently working on GR 12 on city IX and XIII to decrease corruption and increase marble production.

    Using Hades miracle to convert excess sulphur to marble

    Do you overload your wineyards or just have good level on them? It usually isn't worth to overload the wineyard just to have more free citizens and earn more gold, as the gold you stop earning from overloading is greater than the one you get from the new citizens sustained with the wine you get from overloading. At least, that was the case before the new levels update, don't know if that still applies. Just dropping random thoughts :)

    Maybe your problem is related to page not refreshing automatically?

    I can see the times you underlined are in the past, but the remaining time of them shows a dash (-), and that means the remaining time has already reached 0.

    If the page doesn't refresh automatically when the time reaches 0, what I do to force a refresh is to click on the current tab (in your case Troop movements), and that will make the page to reload again and request fresh data from the server. If that doesn't work, you can also refresh the whole browser tab with F5, but that will take more time and resources.

    I hope this can help you.

    The correct number isn't the 50% of the numbers listed in the help section, because those numbers already have the 14% discount applied, and the 50% is based on the full price without discounts. You have to remove the discount first (by dividing the price listed in the help section by 0.86) and then apply the 64% discount on the full number to get the correct price.

    there is a big question about time zones: which time to use - the server or local time?

    I prefer to use server time. It is a game and it doesn't need to match real life conditions.

    When it is at night in the game, cities should be dark; and when it is day in game, they should be bright as usual.

    I think electricity wasn't discovered until XVIII century, but maybe they could be lighted up with fires, torches and candles :)

    simply and concisely:

    if (at maximum rewards) you can put more than 12,500 base workers in your sawmills or mines, it pays to choose 1 daily mining booster, if less choose individual packs.

    P.S. overloading is counted in the base which is multiplied by the bonus = if you overload the bonus from the booster will be that much bigger.

    Nice one!

    To also take into account the benefit from overloading, you can go to the resource booster building and sum the "Basic Production" of every city for that resource. That way, you get the exact amount of resources that will be used to calculate the premium boost. You multiply it by 24 hours and get the 20% of the result, and you can compare if it will pay off or not. For wood, the number must be greater than 60k to pay off, and for other resources, 43.2k.

    Nice analysis Rastan.

    I agree that for "luxury" resources it's hard for the booster to break even, but I've made the same calculation for wood (the chainsaw wood booster breaks even at 60k wood), and I'm exactly at the break even point. That's because all colonies can benefit from the boost, instead of only the colonies where the luxury good is produced.

    However, I also agree that having the goods arrive instantly at your desired city is a big plus, and if the benefit from the booster is not much, maybe it still isn't worth.

    I was thinking that if one needs to have Demeter (and possibly also Hades) at 100% only for this purpose, maybe the gold they don't earn because of the priests needed to maintain the wonder at full faith should be added up to the cost of the operation.

    Edit: Oh, read your post again and you mentioned using raids to activate the wonder and then leave, that would save the priests' cost.

    900 for a steam saw when I could get 60 000 units of wood for the same price? .. I'll take the wood, thank you very much.... at my current rate of wood production, the one day 20% bonus would (pun intended) add 48K.

    I have a doubt regarding resource boosters from dailies:

    Are they applied to every town where you have that resource or only to the currently selected city when you claim it?

    As far as I know, resource boosters purchased from the store apply to every city, but I remember reading somewhere that daily rewards only apply to the current city.

    If they only apply to one city, they're obviously not worth the price as we can get more resources cheaper, but if they apply to every city they may be more profitable than claiming the resources directly.

    Very nice, detailed and complete analysis, with all the factors involved in the process taken into account, well explained and with a lot of data for us to check and compare.

    Thank you, very interesting.

    also why build one of these ports in all the polis ... I don't know if the cost equals the benefits

    Since they give 1 freighter per level, to maximize the number of freighters you can have with the minimum resources spent on Dockyards, the optimal approach is to build a Dockyard in every city, and only after that, start increasing their levels until all Dockyards reach level 2, and so on.

    Also, since Dockyards have a reserved spot in the city that cannot be used for anything else, there is no other reason why you shouldn't build a Dockyard in all your cities (unless you don't want more freighters, of course).

    That's the general rule for Ikariam, it is usually more efficient to build another building of the same type than to increase an existing one, unless there are other factors like limited building space or non-linear benefits, etc.

    There is a bug for retrieving the dockyard.

    It states: Requirement needed:

    Palace level 35 OR Government level 10.

    The government level 10 does not work in the capitol. I have level 31 on my Palace, but level 11 on my government building. And still I`m not able to build my Dockyard... All other towns I`m able, but not my capitol.....

    I think the problem in this case is because you misunderstood the requirements.

    In the game, the requirements are listed as Town Hall level 35 or Governor's residence level 10.

    It seems that you call Palace to the Town Hall. But, despite of the name change, there is no problem with that.

    However, I think that you're calling Government Building to two distinct buildings: the Palace (for the capital) and the Governor's residence (for the colonies). In the Dockyard requirements, only the latest (Governor's residence) is listed as a requirement.

    You're right Daniel. I use the Ikariam app for iPad which yes, it is essentially a web view with the browser version embedded (with minor UI tweaks I think).

    And it works great, and even get the new updates to Ikariam automatically due to the fact that it just loads the web version internally.

    So it's sad that because of a small bug like this one, the app now becomes unplayable for me.

    But I understand that I'm using an unmaintained app on an old iOS version and I shouldn't expect bugs to be fixed.

    Thank you Daniel and Draxo for your help diagnosing the problem and for trying to find alternatives.

    Oh, ok :(

    Thank you for your support.