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    A possible way is to redesign the museum so that it can accept both cultural treaties and artworks up to a maximum limit of happiness that increases with each upgrade to the museum.

    Or completely remove cultural treaties and make artworks the new treaties, with the addition that each artwork have its own happiness level, instead of all giving the same happiness.

    Sorry for hoping into the conversation, just giving some ideas. :S

    Or just keep both possibilities.

    I'd prefer to keep the sliders. They provide a very visual and quick feedback of how many goods we're moving and how full our ships are.

    With only numbers, it would be easier to miss a 0 and be moving 10k instead of 100k and not realizing about it in time.

    Also, sliders are a core Ikariam view component used everywhere in the game, players are familiar with them, know how they work and what they mean. It's one of Ikariam most distinctive interactive element.

    Please don't remove them :(


    fantastic ...

    The Turkish lira is worth nothing, Turkish boys and girls who have to go abroad for work or study are heavily penalised by the exchange rate, inflation in Turkey is 53% !!!! , and you and your community come asking for help to buy options for a stupid online game ???

    Nothing better to think about ???

    Speaking of injustice, just before the election 2 million pensions were granted that were not due ...

    in your place, I would worry about understanding if they will pay your pension when it will be your turn to retire, because if there will be no more elections in that period, I don't think you will receive any favours

    Offtopic, but I think you can worry about the important problems in your country and still ask for your country to be respected in an online game you like to play in your free time.

    Otherwise, for example, you Luky, should worry about the problems in Italy and the EU (and there are a lot: inflation, energy prices, climate change, war and tensions with Russia) instead of playing a stupid online game, as you said.

    After the 8.10 update, I cannot send cargo ships anymore. When I'm on the goods selection step, the max buttons don't work. That is already reported here, but the workarounds mentioned on that thread don't work on the Ikariam app for iOS. Even if I put the quantity manually, the UI doesn't update, and after clicking on the Send button, I receive an error message telling me I performed an invalid action. Even if I input the same quantity manually *also* on the text box in the travel summary section, I get the same error. So currently there's no way for me to send goods, and that's becoming a very big issue as the days passes and I'm stuck unable to move goods between my own cities.

    The new 8.11 update released today (with the rework of the transport menu) fixes this issue. I can send goods again between my cities.

    Thank you devs for caring, I can keep playing Ikariam on my old tablet. <3

    It's an interesting and useful idea. As town relocations cost ambrosia, there is a high chance a person paying for a town relocation would also pay for switching the production building and save both time and resources by not building it from the start.

    The bad part, in my opinion, is that the only downside of moving a town to a different resource island would be eliminated if you pay. That would put paying users in even more advantage compared with free to play ones.

    he is preventing the miracle from going to level 5, and the fact that the only reason to change it is to change his mind is just sad

    Couldn't the other 15 neighbors add more priests to compensate for the bad player and make the wonder reach level 5 even with that bad player boycotting it?

    That way, the bad player boycott's effects would be very limited. You'd be expending a bit more gold in priests, but the cost would be distributed between 15 players and you'd have the wonder at full power.

    And maybe, after the bad player realizes their boycott is not very useful because the wonder is still at max level, they'd give up or go inactive.

    What do you exactly mean by "big expansions"? How many cities?

    I think he is referring to big (in the sense of costly) city building upgrades.

    In my opinion, the optimum way resource-wise when we start a new colony is to first of all upgrade wood and marble reducers to maximum level, only upgrading other buildings when it is necessary to maximize the mentioned reducers (i.e., warehouse to hold the required resources).

    Reducers pay off very quickly, and the sooner we start saving wood and marble, the most we save.

    It is even better because you forgot that you get free city moves when you get out of the graveyard.

    The bad part is that if you keep doing that, your mines would increase but that account won't progress because it will spend most of its time inactive.

    But for sure, if the amount of wood the account produces in 45 days is less than the donation amount you would get after graveyarding, then it is a good strategy for multis to be constantly doing this to improve the main account mines on that server.

    If I bought and used a premium spot town relocation, will that be refunded to me in graveyard or not?

    Not if you have used it. The same goes for town relocations you may have purchased. If you have used them, you don't get them back.

    There is a pretty complete guide to getting Grave yarded here.

    And the next step:"Getting an account out of Asphodel" here.

    According to the FAQ on the second post you linked, we get a free premium slot transfer item for each town that was in a premium slot on the previous server.

    However, the FAQ seems to be talking about the last server merge, and I'm not sure if the same conditions will apply to normal account transfers or graveyard moves, but according to the information we have, they work the same way, so my intuition says we should get it too.

    No way. It sounds good to be true.

    It's not that good. 45 days is a month and a half, that's a lot of resources lost (or not gained). Your account will be inactive and exposed to pillaging during more than a month.

    Maybe the best strategy for those 45 days is to idle all resource workers, spend or sell all resources left so nothing can be pillaged from your cities, and just farm gold (and research points) during that time.

    The wine to sustain population is also another issue. For colonies with a wineyard, just leaving enough workers to sustain tabern consumption should be enough. For non-wineyard colonies, there is a choice between leaving enough wine to sustain tabern consumption during ~50 days with the risk of it being pillaged, or don't leave wine and accept the huge lose of population (and gold production).

    But there is another issue outside of the game context, and is the removal of Ikariam time in your daily routine during a month and a half. The best option here (in my opinion) is to schedule the break during your holidays, so it's easy to re-add it to your routine again as you return to your usual habits. Otherwise, I think there is a risk you'll substitute the Ikariam time with something else and you'll forget about it, or maybe don't want to come back.

    And this is my unrequested essay/opinion on the 45 days of break time to get free city and server moves hahaha.

    Also what happens with donations in that case?

    I think it returns to you the same way it happens during a server merge, and it can be used on the new server's mines.

    Maybe you lost because your units ran out of morale and left the battle? Because you seem to have enough units to fully destroy the wall (only one piece was left) and the enemy units.

    If that was the case, you can send a few cookers along with your army to help maintain morale. Around a dozen of them should be enough.

    For example, it required like 78 Ambrosia to shorten a building with 23h, but on a building with only 28m left it required 90 Ambrosia

    I think the ambrosia cost to shorten building times are based on the total time required to upgrade the building, and not the current time left. If the time left is greater than a half, time is reduced by a half; and if the time left is less than a half, it immediately finishes; but their costs remain always the same, based on the total time.

    Also, if the time left is less than 5 minutes, you can instantly finish it for free.

    Surely, that leads to weird situations like the one you mentioned above. I just wanted to add some context.

    So, in order to maximize their usefulness, you should use them as soon as possible, or just after the building time reaches its half.

    Haha sorry for my thesis on building time reducers.

    Hmm, according to the second screenshot, you have 3% of corruption in that city.

    As you say that you have all GRs fully expanded to the same level of your Palace, then I think your corruption is because of your Government Form.

    Do you happen to have Aristocracy active? Because it comes with a disadvantage of +3% of corruption in all cities except the capital.

    And maybe you didn't have corruption before funding your new town because you had your GRs over-expanded and that was causing the aditional corruption coming from the government form to be countered by the extra levels of the GRs. But that extra level was lost the moment you funded your new colony.

    So, if that's the case and you want to get rid of the corruption, I suggest you to either over-expand again your GRs, or to change your Government Form. There are some of them with not very bad disadvantages, or if you don't find any that suits you, you can use Ikacracy that doesn't have any advantages nor disadvantages. But please remember that if you choose to change your Government Form, you will have a few hours of Anarchy with lots of corruption in all your towns.

    I hope this helped you.