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    Has anyone tested what happens if you build the Shrine in more than one city?

    My doubts are:

    - Are all Shrine levels added up to calculate the number of cities you can bless and the production boost, as with the Freighters? If so, maybe it's useful to build more than one.

    - Or only one Shrine level is used to calculate the benefits? And if so, which one is used (the highest level, the lowest, the first built, the last one...)?

    - Is there anything else different when you have more than one?

    Could you please confirm first the server you are playing because the building times do vary between servers with different settings.

    I'm playing on the ES Pi server. I also checked the ES forum section but didn't find anything related to bonus events.

    There were several bonus events, not announced on this forum, but announced on Discord channel, implying shortened building times. Probably, you cached those, this is why shorter building times.

    Thanks! That was my first thought, but it became a bit strange when it happened a few times consecutively. Thanks for pointing out events are announced on Discord!

    So are those essentially the same as the 1 day production boosters but 100 favor cheaper?

    (if you have the god happy and active in all cities)


    Recently, I've noticed an intermittent shift in building times. Specifically, the building time of the Dockyard has been going up and down during the last weeks.

    An example: a few days ago I started upgrading the Dockyard from level 7 to 8 in one city and it was going to take 9 days to finish. The next day, I started upgrading the Dockyard to the same level on another city and it was only going to take 7 days to finish. Something similar also happened the previous weeks.

    So I was wondering if this is happening because we're having bonus events that temporarily reduce building times, or because devs are adjusting the times.

    I couldn't find any information regarding bonus events here in the forum, and in the game all I see is a 20% World Event production bonus when I open the production details in the mines, sawmills and wineyards.

    Is there any place where I can see current world events, their bonuses and durations? (and if possible, a list of future and/or past ones would also be nice)

    Also, if someone could confirm they've also noticed the shift in building times and it's not only me, please do it to make sure I'm not crazy :)



    LoL. What just happened.

    A member of the dev team asked for some info to check and fix a bug report and you denied it because you're angry with the daily task redesign?

    Please don't act that way. :( We are lucky to have some dev team members to look and care for what we report here, not all games/communities have such a direct communication with their dev team.

    In my opinion, if we want to keep that communication going, we should maintain it healthy and respectful, in both sides. Sure, we can disagree with their updates (and there are places and ways to express our opinions in a respectful manner). And yes, maybe sometimes team members aren't as polite as they could be and that makes us angry, but 1) I think this wasn't the case, they were just kindly asking for more information about a bug to check it; and 2) that shouldn't make us be rude with them, we have to do our part and be a nice community.

    Also remember that individual team members most probably aren't responsible for what changes go into the game, they just do what they're told to.

    Sorry for interrupting but please be nice. :)

    Just spotted an oddity: you can only select one of the one day luxury resource boosters that are applicable to the town you're in. You can't choose to boost Marble if you're in a Wine town, even if you have a Marble town. You have to switch to the Marble town first, then you can select it.

    Yes, that was also the case before the patch, and that's why there was a doubt about if the boosters applied only to the current city or to all. Now at least there is a text at the top that says boosters apply to all towns.

    Or maybe you built a temple and haven't added priests to reach 100% faith. People get very angry when someone makes their wonders less effective, and they may occupy you until you fix your faith issue. They should have written you to let you know why they're doing that.

    In general, if you cannot maintain 100% faith on your own population, you should demolish the temple to avoid hurting your island neighbors.

    If they don't want that information to be revealed to us, they could have added (or removed) some random amount of time to each level before adding them to their databases, so that the exact equation used is obfuscated and impossible to derive without knowing those random amounts.

    Or maybe they just set the times by hand without using any formulas and added them to their databases. But I doubt it because there is proof they have used formulas in the past (see the wiki article panos78 posted), and adding so many levels by hand would be a lot of work. But it is a possibility.

    However, please keep working on it, most probably there is a formula and would be nice to find it!

    A possible way is to redesign the museum so that it can accept both cultural treaties and artworks up to a maximum limit of happiness that increases with each upgrade to the museum.

    Or completely remove cultural treaties and make artworks the new treaties, with the addition that each artwork have its own happiness level, instead of all giving the same happiness.

    Sorry for hoping into the conversation, just giving some ideas. :S