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    So, the introduction of Shrine was great, for some resource boost.

    For the moment, it is very welcome.

    But, in order to deal with the incoming resource requirements and not to leave our accounts to our grand-grandchildren, the next big thing could be, for GF, to stack-up the bonuses, instead of adding them all to base production.

    I know this how they worked until now, but this could be a useful resource income boost, that we will for sure need.

    Usually this happens in two scenarios:

    1. Right after an account transfer (the points will be back to normal after about 1 day).

    2. The account is banned.

    Can you post a screenshot with your city view from an island? Where all these points are displayed.

    Not sure what OP's problem is, but Plutus is my main man and i've used his 600 boost like twice already and it worked fine.

    He activated the "Plutus Blessing" from Daily Tasks Rewards tab. But, he did this without having any favor to God Plutus in Shrine. He, then, added favor to Plutus and still nothing happened. Then, he also assigned Plutus to one of his town and also nothing happened.

    So, apparently, if you activate a reward to a God that is not active, that favor is lost.


    My hunch is that, if you activate Plutus Blessing from Rewards without having Plutus active it does not apply.

    And it does not apply also if you activate Plutus afterwards.

    Not sure if it is a bug, or is intended, but this seems to be the current behavior.

    At least, we know now NOT to activate a God reward without having that God active 😁

    OK, you made me curios and I donated 200 favor to Plutus.

    Then, I assigned my capital to Plutus and I can see immediately the increase in gold production when hovering on Gold.

    Also, when I click it, I can see the gold income, per hour, from Gods (Plutus).

    So, it works.

    Are you sure you assigned at least 1 town to Plutus, and Plutus has at least 100 favor?

    Added screenshots (non-english language, but you can figure it out)

    I assumed that it is 20% in that resource for all towns for a day and that the 20% would stack with any bonus you were getting in that resource from the god's shrine.

    Your assumption is correct. So, why are you confused?

    Yes. I did.

    I switched the Gods, from Pan to Dionysos and let the Pan with no blessing. The blessing decreased gradually until 0/1000 and now it stays there for days.

    So, basically, you also have a history of used Gods.

    Could you please confirm first the server you are playing because the building times do vary between servers with different settings.

    I'm playing on the ES Pi server. I also checked the ES forum section but didn't find anything related to bonus events.

    There were several bonus events, not announced on this forum, but announced on Discord channel, implying shortened building times. Probably, you cached those, this is why shorter building times.

    In left side, maximum blessing: 45%... what's that?

    Do we need to expand the building level more then the number of towns that we have?

    45% maximum blessing is the maximum percent of resources you can get if you have 1000/1000

    If you expand the building more than the number of towns you will get more blessing (you could reach 82%)

    2D 3h: for 100 favor, refilled to 2D 23h. I will make tests to see if it is going to 2D 23h even from 1D day or less.

    For Pan, didn't let me to donate to 1000, i was blocked at 900, so I moved to next god, Dionysos... why 900 and not 1000?

    For all gods and all towns, it's the same duration, or is just a coincidence that I donated at the same time?

    Because you did not have enough favor when you tried Pan, but you got more favor after this. Pan works just fine with 1000/1000

    Yes, apparently I was wrong.

    But I don't know how can you be sure that 100 favor refills 3 days, since it hasn't passed even a day.

    Indeed, I used 100 favor when I had 2D10h and it refilled to 3D.

    But I will try again when just few hours will be left, to see how much it will refill.

    I am guessing that is 1D. 3D sounds way too cheap to be true.

    Hmmm, maybe I am wrong, then?

    I used 100 favor right at the beginning and I think I had 2D 22h left and it came back to 3 days.

    This means that 3 days is the maximum?

    If yes, I will use again 100 favor to recap when I am under 1 day and see.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Things looking good now, with the initial 3 days.

    But after this, prepare your pockets, if you want to keep it going.

    100 favor extends with only 2 hours, so you will need 1200 per day for permanent activation. Out of 600 maximum possible per day.

    Those fleeces are way too expensive: 65 ambro for 14 days of (lets say) +50% vs 75 ambro for 60 days of +20% ( the current benefits.

    Probably, only big ambro players will be using this. I will NOT. I could use ambro on this, if the prices were smaller, but not like this!


    Is there an event happening that hasn't been announced?

    The fleet speed is increased, production is increased and building times decreased.

    Do we have some numbers? What percentage for each advantage and how log will it last?