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    The ambrosia shop for items need to have an option to select how many of an item a player want to buy.

    It is really annoying if you want to buy 50 or 100 parts from an item and you need to click on buy 50 or 100 times.

    I suggest to add an input(in the right of the image) and transform the button to a buy button, see the image attached.

    I agree the Trade Route could be improved to be more usefully and deserved that ambrosia, beside the possibility to set time down to every minute some other usefully things could be:

    - schedule a shipping transport to an ally city

    - schedule a shipping route to buy something from the market

    - have the option of what type of ships you want to send the normal ones or the mercenary ships

    These improvements will definitely will make more people to pay ambrosia to use them.

    if you attack a polis on another island by sending troops without first occupying the seaport, and if the opponent has only one warship in the seaport, your troops go back without doing anything.

    could this have happened ?

    You get a notification for this case, that say that clear.

    Is was just an example, the idea remain, my loading speed is 15 minutes but is irrelevant what loading speed someone has.

    If you have loading speed 10 minutes and travel time 10 minutes(on the same island) you could have 3 trading routes per hour instead of just one now.

    And yes there are players who will pay for this option, I'm one of them.

    For the moment the Trade Routes(from Trading Port, last tab) are no that usefully, if you want to plan and send resources between your towns nonstop you can't, no matter how many trade routes you buy.

    The problem came from the fact that you don't have the possibility to edit the time down to every minute, you can only choose at what hour to start it.

    I will give you an example if you have a shipping that takes 30 min to load and 40 min to ship = 70 minutes in total, and you want to do it for 12 hours you will have the following option.

    start at 00:00 + 70 min -> 1:10

    start at 2:00 + 70 min -> 3:10

    start at 4:00 + 70 min -> 5:10

    start at 6:00 + 70 min -> 7:10

    start at 8:00 + 70 min -> 9:10

    start at 10:00 + 70 min -> 11:10

    So in 12 hours you could make only 6 planned routes.

    The ideal case would be:

    start at 00:00 + 70 min -> 1:10

    start at 1:10 + 70 min -> 2:20

    start at 2:20 + 70 min -> 3:30

    start at 3:30 + 70 min -> 4:40

    start at 4:40 + 70 min -> 5:50

    start at 5:50 + 70 min -> 7:00

    start at 7:00 + 70 min -> 8:10

    start at 8:10 + 70 min -> 9:20

    start at 9:20 + 70 min -> 10:30

    start at 10:30 + 70 min -> 11:40

    This way in 12 hours you can get 10 planned routes.

    The change will be minor, just let us edit the time, this will mean also more ambrosia spent to have more trade routes.

    We all agree that we need more ships.

    In the last version the max lvl for Trading port has been lvl 47 and we had a maximum of 232 ships(180 + 40 + 12), now we have more lvl's to the trading post so I came with this prediction.

    Lvl 47, 23,784 loading speed = 232 ships

    Lvl 74, 321,600 loading speed = 3212 ships (from which 500 will be Phoenician more or less)

    That means we can move 1,606,000 resources, which seems fair because the cost of the buildings multiplied by 1,000 from milions to bilions so the numbers of ships will multiply by 10 at lest.

    There may be others things to analyze, like resource production and ships costs but we will see.

    It will be very usefully to have an option to build more buildings in the same time.

    Because when you will build the 14+ city you will have to build up from 0 a new city (when the others cities are very well developed) which will take a lot of time even if you have the resources to do that, just because is a new city!

    So an option to build simultaneously 4 buildings will be great, it may be an premium option and we can pay with ambrosia but it will definitely be important for developed players.