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    I have all my cities on a marble island, but I wanted to also complete the quest of upgrading the winery and the rest of the resources bonus buildings to lvl 30.

    Before the update 8.10 i teleported a city on the wine island build the winery to lvl 1 and teleport back on the marble island.

    I upgraded the winery to lvl 16 and now after the update I can't longer upgrade it.

    The same error I receive for sulf and cristal buildings.


    Now the game displays that it's running version 8.10.1, and on the ChangeLog I can read that the JavaScript of the goods selection was fixed. But I can confirm that IT IS STILL BROKEN for me. I see the same visual bug on the slider, and I get the same error when entering the amount manually. Please check my previous posts and screenshots for more details.

    So now I'm wondering if, even if the ChangeLog was already updated, maybe the code still hasn't and I'm still running version 8.10; or, if it hasn't been properly fixed.

    Check to see what version you have, maybe you didn't get the update.

    Bug-ul a fost discutat si pe forumul EN, dupa ce cumperi 1 cargobot o sa iti functioneze totul din nou.

    Pana atunci din ce am inteles, nu functioneaza butoanele, dar daca introduci tu manual numarul de bunuri pe care vrei sa le cumperi o sa mearga.

    Probabil se va rezolva bug-ul in urmatoarea versiune, pana atunci ramane solutia de mai sus.

    E un bug care s-a mai discutat si pe forum EN, se stie de el doar ca nimeni nu il poate reproduce si sa spuna cum se intampla.

    Asta e motivul pentru care nu a fost rezolvat.

    Daca poti sa il reproduci si sa scrii cum, ar ajuta.

    Now with the new freighters we need an update to the trade routes as well.

    We need to have the possibility to:

    - select time to the minute (see the beginning of the thread).

    - send goods via normal ships or via freighters.

    Nice to have:

    - use trade routes to send goods to allied players.

    - use trade routes to buy goods from the market.

    What lvl is you Palace?

    Maybe last week you build a colony and got 11 ships and in the meantime you delete that colony and now you received 10 ships.

    Cause every 7 days you get the bonus ships if you log in every day.

    If you log in for 7 days you get 10 ships in your case(that will expire in another 7 days) if you log in for another 7 days when the ships expire you get another 10 ships so it's like nothing changed.

    Give us more details if is not the case from above. Maybe a print screen.

    Asta se intampla dupa ce te-ai logat si dai click pe butonul de Joaca?

    Daca e asa, pur si simplu asteapta putin mai mult sau inchide tabul si deschide-l din nou din a 2-a sau a 3-a incercare ar trebui sa mearga.

    Primeste atatea nave cate orase ai, ai 12 orase primesti 12 nave, cand o sa upgradezi palatul la lvl 20 si faci al 21-lea oras, o sa primesti 21 de nave bonus.

    Nu mai folositi aplicatia, intrati din browser de pe telefon.

    Si bifati sa va apara ca pe desktop, merge perfect!

    Am atasat un screenshot mai jos(folosesc Mozilla Firefox) dar ar trebui sa aveti un buton de genu pe orice browser.


    There are 0 marble island with Forge or Poseidon with free spots on Pangaia 1.

    You will be lucky if you find 1-2 spots on an island but even that is not very likely.

    So the math to calculate corruption is: 100 / number of towns

    In your case 100 / 13 = 7.69 %, this is the corruption that will be reduced with every Governor Residence upgrade.

    But there are 2 different situation:

    - the corruption from the Town Hall directly influence you, by reducing productivity

    - in the GR is just a number that show you the maximum reduction percent if you upgrade

    In the example at the beginning, the Town Hall will show you 7% corruption cause is rounded down in your case with 11th lvl of GR if you had lvl 10 GR you will had a corruption of 15%(2*7.69= 15.3% and rounded down).

    Because the Town Hall show you 7%(rounded down) but the math is 7.69% you will have shown in the GR -8% cause in the GR it will round up.

    And in the end apply -5%(to the end result) cause you have the Nomocracy form of government.

    The answer is in the details, it doesn't say -50% loading speed of the goods it says +50% loading time.

    Let's say you have 2000 gods to transport and 1000 goods per minute(speed loading) = 2 minutes will be needed to load the goods.

    And Nomocracy increase that 2 minutes + 50% that means => 3 minutes loading time with Nomocracy activated.

    2000 goods / 3 minutes = 666 goods per minute(new loading speed).

    So from 1000 goods per minute you get 666 goods per minute => -33% goods per minute

    Everything works as expected.

    Pai nu primesti deloc trupe cand cumperi pachete de tertip, sunt niste trupe fake.

    Pachetele de tertip sunt niste trupe care nu exista, dar cand cineva te spioneaza o sa ii apara ca ai trupe in oras.

    Ca sa vezi ce tertipuri ai activate vezi pozele de mai jos: