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    As you can see from the image below, i am in a marble town, the message is clear i can't activate the bonus for wine and crystal, but i don't have the same message for sulphur.

    Another mention is that i have all towns on the same island(a marble island).

    Singura conditie din cate stiu e sa ai un port comercial lvl 1, te duci in tab-ul "Cumpara o nava de transport" si sub navele cu gold le gasesti pe cele feniciene cu ambrozie.

    I think he proposed that "Terrible tax advisor", is so terrible that is able to make all citizens to produce gold(even the ones who are in the mines).

    So there is a 0.6 gold production per citizen per hour no matter what the citizens do.

    You have 1000 citizens in the Forest = 0.6 gold per citizen = 600 gold per hour.

    It may sound like too powerfully this way, but is just an idea, change the numbers how you want and make it usefully.

    I like the idea, it could make the option really usefully cause i have the same situation i have all workers in the mines = 0 gold production and no reason to activate "Terrible tax advisor".

    Da, e gandit aiurea sistemul de ajutor, mai mult te incurca.

    Acolo nu sunt preturile brute ale cladirilor ci cele reduse cu 14% de la cercetare(sau cat ai tu de la cercetare in caz ca nu ai cercetat tot)/

    Deci calcul corect e sa iei costul din meniul de ajutor si sa zicem ca asta e X dupa care faci:
    X / (1 - cercetare) * (1- (nivel cladire de reducere + cercetare))

    In cazul tau pentru lemn ai dulgher = 44 si cercetare = 14(presupun)

    X / 0.86 * 0.42, unde X = 312242 lemn costul real pentru nivel 45 la lemn e 152490

    Recomand sa folosesti te ajuta mult la calculele astea, sau pagina neoficiala de wiki:

    You have a slider at the top where you need to put the ship in to be available.

    From your 3rd screen shot look at the top of the page.

    You can select how many normal ships and freighters you want to use.

    Does Ares3 have 3x incoming from all resources? What exactly are all the bonuses of this server?

    x3 resource production

    x3 research points per hour

    x3 speed of commercial boats and fleet army

    x3 more gold

    All construction buildings are 3 times faster, the cost of resources are the same per lvl.

    One round of a battle is 5 minutes(instead of 15 minutes).

    Gold can be pillaged, every land unit can pillage X gold.

    There is no moral in battles, basically you don't need cooks or tenders. Cooks are good for stealing gold.

    And probably more others that I don't remember.

    We don't understand what you say, you are on the English forum, if you want to use your language you can go to your country forum.

    From the top menu go to Communities and search yours.

    Scrie acolo conditiile ca sa construiesti:

    - primaria lvl 35

    - resedinta guvernatorului lvl 10

    Tu esti in capitala, nu ai resedinta guvernatorului, ai palat.

    Deci trebuie sa ai primaria lvl 35 ca sa poti construi.

    Nu este un bug, asa s-a decis sa fie implementat.

    Yes, you will have the same cooldown reduction, the effect is the same if you have 3 cities on the same island or 3 cities on 3 different islands.

    step 2: - aprox 40 days(to get ghosted, could be more depending on how load the script that do this is)

    aprox 30 days*

    Account goes to vacancy and then deleted? How long in vacancy mode?

    7 days, after that is deleted from the server(but account is in asphodel server after step 2)

    You need to wait those 7 days only if you want to transfer it back on the same server.

    If I log in now:

    A) Will it be same as when I last time logged in

    If the account is not deleted the time will basically reset and you will need to wait again 7days + aprox 30 = aprox 37 days to get it deleted

    + 7 more days if you want it back on the same server = aprox 44 days

    B) Will I get transfer city inventory, Donations as inventory...?

    After the account is ghosted(goes to asphodel server), after step 2 = aprox 37 days.

    Yes, after that you will get free city teleports and donations as an item in the Inventory.

    There is no phase 1,2,3 etc.

    All accounts goes to graveyard during the same time:

    step 1: - 7 days(to get inactive)

    step 2: - aprox 40 days(to get ghosted, could be more depending on how load the script that do this is)

    step 3: - 7 days the account goes to vacancy(it shows in the game with 0 points)

    After this the account is deleted from the server.

    But if you don't want to move it back to the same server after the first 2 steps you can transfer it to any other server if you don't get to top 50 there.

    What if you have a really large account that would land in the top 50 on every server? I know of a former alliance member whose TS was 93 million when he was graveyarded, so this restriction would prevent him from returning to any world or server. I get that you wouldn't want a really large account moving to a brand new server, but I think there has to be a better way that doesn't restrict large accounts. Solution: you can't move to a server that's newer than when your account was created?

    Also the username restriction creates a couple of problems too. What if you had a really common name? Your options could be limited. Or worse, someone steals your name after you're graveyarded, preventing you from ever rejoining your alliance/friends. Sometimes life happens and your account gets graveyarded. Also if you don't like someone, and they happen to get graveyarded, you could just create a new multi with their name and block their return. Solution: Allow someone to change their name on Asphodel.

    I think the problems you mention are very rare and can be resolved if the player open a ticket, I know that's how these cases were handled until now.