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    Dear players,

    we want to remind you that the email address stored in your account guarantees ownership of the account itself. This means that you must keep that email updated, and protect your account with a strong password, that you don't have to share at all. You can check your account data choosing in-game "Options" page, tab "Account data" .

    Recently a hacker sent out a IGM asking to answer to a poll in exchange of Ambrosia. Poll was bringing you to a fake Ikariam page, used to steal your account data.

    That's why until now, in some cases, we listened to your requests, and - even if we were not entitled to do it - we helped you to recover your account.

    Due to abuses from lot of players claiming (falsely) to have been hacked, from now on, we suspend definitively any assistance on account hacking reports, or on troubles accessing account due to email not updated or password lost.

    This means that:

    • The email stored on your Ikariam account must be kept updated. We interact with the player only if he demonstrates to have access to that email.
    • We no longer manage any hacking report of accounts (or any other kind of access loss to the account) since user has the full responsibility of his account data, and sufficient tools to manage the hacking cases by himself.

    In worse cases, in fact:

    • If a player forgets his password, he is able to recover it via password reset directly from the home page (a password reset link is sent on his mailbox).
    • If a hacker changes the email in a Ikariam account, a mail is sent to the previous address with a link (valid for a week) that can revert the change, so the user can have back his account. After a week, the link expires and email change can't be reverted. In any case, we will not revert it and will not provide any support.
    • If a player lose the access to the mailbox stored on his account, and he loses also account's password, then the account is lost: we are not entitled to give support on this matter, to change the email, to reassign the account.

    So, to avoid troubles from both sides, we kindly ask you again to verify that your account data is updated, and in particular that email address is correct (via in-game "Options" page, tab "Account data" )

    Kind regards


    Originally posted 1st January 2019 :: Sampisa

    Dear players,

    as you know, (aka Ikariam UK / EN) was originally put in place for British people, but within a short period of time it reached an international dimension: despite English being the official language, here you can find people coming from all around the world.

    Some time ago, some Ikariam communities closed, and we had a flux of players from those countries. So, on our servers there are now many "national" alliances, where e.g. people coming from Philippines or Pakistan or Iran can meet and continue playing Ikariam on a "local" basis. Anyway, language used could be an issue for people who don't know English, and want to play Ikariam.

    After some discussions about this matter, we decided to boost a little more our community, offering a space where non-English native speakers can interact using their own language: within the alliance. So, we have decided to review the rule about language in this way.

    • It is now possible to create specific non-English speaking alliances. On such alliances it is allowed to use your own language in circular, private IGMs, and in ingame forum.
    • Leader who wants to create a language-specific alliance must inform GOs via ticket system
    • Non-English speaking alliances must have officers able to speak English: when contacted by Staff, they must be able to reply.
    • Non-English speaking alliances must report on external page a clear sentence (in English) telling which language is used inside the alliance. E.g. “This alliance is mainly for [your language] speaking players”.
    • External alliance page must be written in English
    • Language used for communication between users on different alliances must be in English (even if both alliances are using internally the same language).
    • Insults and swearing are still not allowed at all, even in non-English language.
    • Messages sent in non-English language between people belonging to different alliances do not cause any ban (if not insulting and randomly sent). Anyway, reported user will be warned to always use the English language. (Clarified, 25th of.Oct.2020)

    Contact your GO via ticket system if you need further clarification.

    Please note: this rule was decided and put in place for EN/UK community only (British Ikariam. formerly This means that other Ikariam communities can consider this behaviour as non applicable, or outside rules. So please, in case of doubt, contact Staff of other communities for further clarifications.

    (Originally posted on 13th of September 2012)