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    For me Poseidon works OK moving fleet and troops. The only issues is when moving goods.

    Tested, that's true. For some people, it works for 1 way and doesn't work when coming back (didn't try to 100% verify).

    Yep, Poseidon has not been working on Beta Server also from last night.

    Anyone has any ideas when its gonna be sorted out ?

    After the merge lesser bugs (missing fleets, slow servers) were fixed in 1 - 2 weeks, so I guess the same will apply now. Granted, I am not a team member and this is purely based on previous observations, which may or may not be right. I just think it's unreasonable to go around and ask when it will be fixed without giving a week or two to actually do it :)

    IGN: Filosfas_HW

    World: Pi

    Issue: I believe that usually after there is less than 24 hours left for your premium function, you would get a message about it ending. While you are still getting the message, it's completely blank.

    Not that it is the most important feature out there, but still another thing bug-solvers will have to look through at some point.

    so, instead of fixing all the ghost accounts.. they waste time and resources on this...

    why am I not surprised....

    Choosing a different "flag" affects which language the game is translated. If I choose Lithuanian flag, the game will be translated into Lithuanian. While I don't mind English, a lot of older Lithuanian players are not proficient at it. This is a very good update, since after the merge English player base became even more multi-cultural.

    IGN: Filosofas_HW

    Server: Pi
    Issue: active Poseidon is not working properly. In the transportation window, it shows speed value doubled as before, however, when you send your ships, after loading time, they travel at default speed (no speed boost provided). I have level 5 Poseidon.

    Edit: my alliance mates are experiencing the same issue, it's probably a new bug that came out with language update.

    94) Would be cute little addition. Not that much important, but if it's easy to implement - why not :)
    95) Great idea. I am not an IT guy at all, so not sure if it's "easy" to add to the game, but all previously merged communities had their game in their native language already. After the current merge, the same communities were forced to blend and I know for sure a lot of people in my alliance who are not proficient in English use google translator all the time. Obviously, you can use a translator and be somewhat fine, but I don't think it should be mandatory for those who can't speak the language :) Adding previously translated versions could be a nice addition.

    97) Sort of quality of life update, I wouldn't mind it since I am using spies a lot, I am sure the majority of active players do. Not necessary though.


    Perhaps Chuck "Bee" Bashlick would have any ideas concerning any new mini-game? A lot of suggestions are nice, but I heard some complaints from old players that the game got boring, because they reached max in everything... And that's completely true - since destroying other people's property in-game is not allowed, a lot of people play the game for 10+ years and have already built/researched everything max to their liking... What's the point of continuing? It's fine for some of us, who value communication, fighting a lot, but for previously mentioned players the spark is gone :) And worst of all, those max'ers usually spend a good chunk of money on the game, so losing them would be a loss to the game economy too. Adding more end-game content, new mini-game and tweaking battle system (maybe adding new unit(s) or creating any other new feature for more tactical options) in my opinion would be most beneficial for the game.

    Will try to come up with actual ideas next time :D Cheers!

    Third, as i said to draxo, if you cant endure the pressure just dont read, it works 100% of the time dude! What a trick!

    I just had to let some steam off, because this thread is becoming a litter place for negativity concerning the game. It's not the pressure that I can't stand, but irrational/illogical expectations and non-constructive discussions. You are right, I should better pick what I read because putting some common sense into certain people's heads is a lost cause. The game has its issues, they will be solved eventually, but I guarantee it won't happen because of some barking on the board.

    And no, I am not a dev, but I am a player and part of our lovely community, hence "we" - a community as a whole, Ikariam as a single unit.

    Sorry for breaking loose from the topic. Have fun all, cheers.

    Excuse me if I am wrong, but I believe the vast majority (if not all) of Ikariam staff, answering our questions here on board don't personally work on coding/scripts etc., therefore they are more of "diplomats" in our communities. People complaining should realize, that they tell us exact same information that they receive from higher-ups & IT specialists that are actually working on it. Therefore, they can't provide every single person every single day about the status of the X server, nor there is a need to do that. Last official news - starting from last Monday graveyard'ing works as intended. That's all, and you can't expect them to provide any additional information out of thin air. It's not like they can call their boss and ask "Ye know mate, some guy named Crow wants to know how it's going with his city, can you elaborate with it? Oh, and Samo-something needs info about his server, please update me on that too". It's not like that.

    Is the situation acceptable? No! Is it disturbing? Yes! Can we wave a magic wand and fix everything? No.

    So I would like to ask people complaining here over, and over, and over, and expecting a Gandalf showing up on the cliff with an army of script fixing warriors - stop and look and the bigger picture. Look, and you will realize that Ikariam is a small part of it, we don't have unlimited resources to solve everything. Your indirect threats of "fix it, or I will quit the game" hold ZERO weight here. In other words. stop acting like egocentric little kids and start using your common sense to evaluate situation.

    Off topic but you should have organized a Hackathon.

    You'd both solve the "volunteer developers" problem and advertise Ikariam.

    You will hit two birds with one stone.

    I thought the same thing. Would be nice to know GF attitude toward this? Perhaps it could be solution to our very limited resources concerning game development? Not talking about the merge, too late for this now, but updates and new features in general.

    76) Completely disables the competing factor, the last 2 days are exactly the battle for TOP50. I think this type of game should encourage competition, not the opposite.
    77) As I saw it, piracy, apart from giving a "toy" to veteran players, was a tool to let new/smaller players compete against older players. Obviously, it turned out to be in old player favor, but the requirements are meager for small players' sake. I don't see a point in changing that.

    78) Agree. Not because I want to milk the game, but the other production increasing packs give 20% while being much cheaper. Helios tower is only useful if you have very high mines (40+ LVL).

    79) Didn't completely get how the mechanics behind it works.
    80) A lot of people use that feature solely for those reasons, especially those who play with pirates. This feature cost ambrosia. Ambrosia costs money. I think any suggestion that is decreasing profits is not acceptable not only by GF but any other business too :)

    Hope you don't mind me scribbling here from time to time, I grew to like this thread :thumbup: Hopefully, a meaningful discussion or a feature will born from it!

    why is that an advantage? the fact that you like playing like that doesn't make it the best way to play the game

    Fighting without forge earns you double losses vs player with a forge. Poseidon grants you 2x ship speed, which translates in saved time, quicker waiving etc. Saying it doesn't give an advantage is simply not true. You can play however you seem fit, but those miracles are objectively essential if keeping efficiency in mind.

    Regarding vacant spots on the islands - it took around 30 mins for some "merger in-line" to fill an empty spot on my island, so it's not always a matter of seconds. I would suggest, if possible, to ready some floaters and try to take important spots by yourself.

    Anyways, this is not a "how I like to play" discussion thread, rather than merge issues threat. So not to be completely out of context, cheers to the GF team for solving issues, even if the response was a bit slower than expected :)

    I'm happy to see some open spots, maybe not the most popular Islands but It is some progress. This screenshot is from Pi

    Most inactive were transported on those "non so popular spots" because popular spots were taken after merge :) In my case, new spots were filled anyways with new people, some on vacation, some inactive. I suppose it will take some time to clean the servers.

    Did you say it as an addition to Question 44 (if you didn't see it)? :/

    Sort of, a lot of people are using Lightshot or similar apps to take screenshots, which generates a link to that image. Some apps (like discord) allow seeing such images immediately without opening the link. Would be cool to see such a feature in Ikariam too. I don't think many people would bother to save a file and then to upload it :)

    First of all, Poseidon should not hear himself called "Dolphin". ^^ (OK, everyone coded him as "Forge" when Hephaestus didn't come to mind right away, but I saw "Dolphin" for the first time.)

    I always call it like that :D Dolphins are intelligent and most importantly, it sounds cute.