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    Who want to know the prices of boats and don't want to count. ;)

    Mostly accurate, just a few minor differences that I've seen:
    #238: 15,318,378
    #239: 15,778,332
    #241: 16,740,050
    #245: 18,842,759
    #249: 21,209376
    #250: 21,846,060
    #251: 22,5001,845

    I was already at 230 ships before I saw your post so I can't speak to the earlier ones.

    I think you and I have different definitions for the word 'almost' ^^
    But yes, it is possible

    Can't wait to see top 50 players spend billions of gold amount tomorrow :P

    There are players with over 10B gold. They're still going to have billions left over.

    Not if they try to buy all the ships, they'll still be about 25 billion short.

    See, this is why I was asking. Because I have one city that still has six warehouses in it (from the "olden" days). I could've gotten the Town Hall to level 41 even without the new update. That would have been beyond annoying to go to all that trouble just to have the game demolish the level (or deal with the staff issues you apparently encountered).

    I asked about it because even before this latest update one of my towns still had six warehouses, so I was already planning on leveling the Town Hall up to level 41. Your post made me wonder if the game would have prevented me from doing so even if I actually had sufficient space.

    Pardon my confusion, but did they lower your building levels? Or did they just not show higher levels in the help screen?

    1.Incrase cargo's ships limit to 5000 or 3000 and leave cargo ships the same amount .

    View above, part of "observe and gather feedback".

    Has anyone proposed tiering the cargo ships' capacity? Say if a player has under 10 (or 12) towns their ships have the traditional 500 capacity, but once their account is built up to 10 / 12 / 15 / etc. towns then their ships' capacity increases to 1,000 / 2,500 / 5,000 / etc.

    I don't know what it would entail on the programming end as far as feasibility but it could be a way to maintain balance between the established requirements for low level accounts and making the new options more achievable.

    Just my two gold pieces for what it's worth.