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    No, it should not - this is a piece of private information that concerns only the involved players and game administration.

    I disagree: it's akin to a player's alliance membership and while the latter is openly visible, IP sharing is not so should be spyable. Gameforge have decided differently and while I respect that I hope they will reconsider the issue.

    Agree at least the leader of the alliance should be able to see it, we had a spy a few years back and it took ages to track them down, being able to see who has ip shares with who would have made that process a lot easier, although some just use eh.. "other" means to circumvent the rules and don't' sign IP treaties.

    But it would still be helpful.. Maybe put up a warning when someone joins an alliance the leader can see their IP treaties, then they can have their privacy and it's their choice if they want to reveal that information to the alliance they're joining.

    EDIT: BTW Draxo still waiting on that response about player cooperation and mutli accounts made to destroy faith on an island.. im sure you just missed my post


    So people who make accounts in order to destroy wonders on islands is part of the plan huh..

    Then this game is a piece of hot garbage.. and you can forward my comments to the dev.

    I agree that donations should be voluntary. At the end of the day, the only person able to donate from that account is the owner so if you make threats the likelihood is that they just won't and either you accept that or you pillage them. However I'm a bit torn over the mandatory part. If a new player who has never played Ikariam before asked for advice on how to play the game, one of the pieces of advice I'd give them is that they should donate to their mills/mines.

    On my islands Im a not a stickler for mine donations, I am however on faith.. it's a guaranteed way of getting my attention.

    Whether you feel strongly enough to attack someone over it is up to you.. I'll take every thing they have and make the game unplayable for them.. sure they can go into gold mode for spite but that's all it'll be.. dead account.

    But you have to be a fairly large size to dictate like that.. or very aggressive either way.

    But there are ways around that.. assuming you have other island neighbors what you do is get everyone else to hate that person and make their life miserable, this only works if the player in question is actually wanting to play the game though and it's not a secondary account they dont' care about or one they made for the purpose of ruining your island.

    Your demands have to be reasonable though, everyone has a different idea of whats a fair donation rate but you can't ask someone with 3m TS to donate as much as someone who has 30m TS, You also have to consider how many towns that person has, I would expect more out of someone with 3 towns then someone with 1 town on the island.

    One thing is for sure if we have another merger I will be moving all my towns to an island where I have full control.

    At one time my island chain was populated almost entirely with alliance mates but sadly many have dropped out of the game over these last few years leaving huge gaps for rifraff to wonder in.. as ugly as it is people with multi accounts plugging up town slots is a smart move.

    But GF is resistant to change anything, they say it's a "shared resource", ya.. everyone takes but only some give, and the only way to improve the situation is to pull the weight (donations) that was designed for an entire island to contribute towards.

    Dev's probably thought the incentive of better mines would get people to co-op but why? when you can do nothing and someone else is willing to fund it them selves.

    So we get threads talking about how expensive the mine upgrades are.. ya they are, they're hellishly expensive if you're doing it all by your self.

    The game is broken is on many ways.

    It really depends on the mine levels and how many people are on the island. I wouldn't donate anymore if it would take me multiple years to get my wood back from the new gained mine level.

    As an example, even with near perfect conditions (17 players on an island, each with 85% from the shrine and 32+ level forester's) it would take about a year for level 40 to pay off. For level 50 we talk about 8 years, even under these perfect conditions, for this level alone. If you sum up all the previous levels as well, it gets clear pretty quickly that somewhere in the lower 40s there is a point where it's not benefical anymore to donate (for the saw mill). If you have fewer players, it gets worse, obviously.

    I agree the mines do have a point where their cost recovery becomes long and longer, however if everyone is donating regularly it's not that bad.

    That's the problem though.. most people do not donate regularly.. I see lots of island where you have 1 or 2 people who are carrying the island.. im not saying their aren't some islands out there where everyone is working at it.. but they are the exception not the rule in my exp.

    I wish GF would just privatize the mines and wonder.. It would be one thing if there was a way for other players to socially enforce their own rules

    but the game is very limited in that, most actions will cost you more than the defender.

    the only time it makes sense is if they have goods to take, you can't touch their gold no matter how much they have, 1bl gold nope leave that guys we want the lumber.. oh they ain't got no lumber? okay sorry for waiting your time we'll just go home now.

    Oh I'll show them I'll occupy them.. ya you sit there wasting gold in their towns.

    God help you if the account was actually a secondary one they don't care about or even worse one they made for the sole purpose of griefing you.

    Black market is only for selling, if you're buying you use the trading post.

    If you're planing on making money.. dont bother.. not unless you've made a deal to supply someone.

    Making troops and putting them up will cost you upkeep while someone comes to buy them.

    it's mainly used to supply other people like your alliance mates and friends thru pre arranged plans.

    agree with not allowing inactives to be occupied, it's also helpful for the owners because many do come back before they ghost out.

    It would suck coming back and finding your army/navy not only destroyed but also your towns occupied.

    The pillaging with freighters Im a little torn on.

    On one hand it makes no sense not to be able to use them for everything cargo's can be used for.

    even intraisland travel is 3hr 20mins without posiden

    On the other hand IIRC you can have a maximum of 1000 or 1050 freighters, although no one has that many atm.

    that's 5million in goods per trip.. eventually that might be a small sum.. but right now that's quite a large sum.

    if I could hall that much ouf of an inactive and was on the same island as them i'd clear out the average inactive I come across in 1-2 trips.. no one else would have a snow balls chance of actually getting anything..

    It also means that player who went inactive yesterday and comes back in 2 days comes back to a completely ruined empire.

    It's a tough call.. I think down the road it might be easier to justify it but I can see why the dev's chose not to allow it right now.

    the best way to deal with leeches is military action.. however.. I've been dealing with 3 difference leeches on my islands since the start of covid.. 2 of them was created for the sole purpose of leeching (they're not played, just build up enough to kill the wonder), they don't mine anything, they don't' build anything, they just sit collecting gold.

    the 3rd wasn't purpose built but is someones secondary so they're effectively in gold mode and there is nothing you can do to that kinda player.

    Hopefully you have someone who actually wants to play where your hostility will gain compliance.

    the introduction of lifeboat ships into the game


    Cat is out of the bag on the blackmarket.. can't see them changing this..

    I fully support individualizing the temple though.. im sick of multi accounts that are made soley to lech and grief people.. there is nothing you do to these towns because you can't take their gold, they produce no goods, they build nothing.. there is nothing you can do to them in retaliation.

    I've been there.. a juicy inactive that goes poof before emptying it all.

    I wouldn't change this though.. I would say it would be nice if they would change it so that you didn't scatter if it poofs while you're loading up.. I think this also happens if you're coming back when it ghosts.

    How impactful are the miracles? My capital spawned in an area that is quite densely populated already and thus I did not feel like it makes sense to move, coz if a lot of big players are around, then it should be fine, no? (or is everyone playing it wrong haha?)
    I also really wanna experience an active alliance. Wars, defenses and attacks. Thus, I guess being close to allies is also one of the objectives?

    they are vital, everyone should have posiden because it's useful every day both in war and peace.

    Colossus is good if you are a builder or defensive player, I've fought players which tons of colossus towns leading to a very short cool down.. it won't stop a determined and practiced attacker, but it will keep most at bay assuming you're active enough to see the fight.

    I recommend everyone have at least 1 of those for an emergency.

    Forge is vital if you're a fighter, any serious fighter will have enough towns to give them 0 cool down, I'd recommend you have at least one of these if you're a builder if you're ever put into a position where you need to defend your self or attack it'll give you a 24 hour window.. after that 6 days of cool down... hopefully you've dealt with the situation by then.

    I would not chose an island that didn't have one of these 3 wonders, the rest can be mildly useful in certain situations.. but these are the 3 to focus on.

    Picking an island is a big decision unless you have money for ambrosia for town warps this will lay the foundation for your empire and you'll feel the affects of this decision forever.

    You can get warps for free.. sort of.. if your account ghosts out you're put in the graveyard server.

    But to do that your account has to be inactive for like a month.. so that means putting the account in vmode.. and then 4-6 weeks you'll go inactive I think.. then another 4-6 where you're a sitting duck inactive so the cost is you'll probably come back with your towns ravaged of all goods.

    it also means not playing for a couple months, So i'd recommend you just choose wisely in the first place then go thru that hassle.

    the time does vary I think its' 4-6 weeks max but I think younger accounts or maybe it goes off score? time out faster.

    As workaround you can use the 1 day premium account item provided as reward from the daily tasks.

    With an active premium account the dock is buildable

    might be ever so kind to just award everyone with 800 favor for activation or you could just give us all premium accounts till it gets fixed :P

    And still, it's one of the main streams of income. Whose fault it is that some players will pay hundreds and thousands of bucks for being in TOP? It's called supply and demand.

    Bingo.. Draxo saying the quiet part out loud.. respect.

    Unsure where you see the connection between both?

    Serveral players asking for new servers - so new servers are opend from time to time.

    That most players won't start on older servers is clear anyway, cause it will be hard for them to play in the top scores (what is one of the goals of players)

    lol.. well GF is famous for giving us what we want.. where are these "several" players?

    We all know the real reason new servers keep being created while old ones stagnate.

    Where are the mergers.. I know "several" players who want that.

    alright been checking other towns.. it seems like this is only happening on some towns.. I thought perhaps it was specific player, or the name of the town "polis" but no.. it seems random I can't find a pattern to it.

    EDIT: here's a quick video you can see me checking towns some work some dont.. I have no idea the connection

    P.S temporary video, it expires in 2 days.