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    Pago Съобщение POLIS [81:91] 13.01.2022 15:07:06
    једна ствар је важна
    ниси морао да нападнеш Тангру ..
    нико не напада Тангру.

    Tangra, my favorite alliance...for beating :)

    Came back later to finish what I started :)

    27 round on level 2 field, and then Colossus 5 :D

    Је л' се ми познајемо?

    Different opponents, same outcome :)

    I'm not going to tell you what's wrong or right, but I will tell you that I see that you are passionate about this game, and so are we, which is great. Let's just cut the bull**** and play the game, let's just have fun :)


    First of all, those screenshots that you sent are total nonsense. The guy clearly sent some steam rams as a quick check, not to battle, too bad you don't understand that.

    And just to remind you, АПО is an alliance that consists of more than 100 MEMBERS. Do you seriously think that we could all find at least decent spots in the center? Okay you are right, there were some empty spots, but maybe for couple of guys at best, not the whole freaking alliance! What you expect us, to leave few guys in center and watch while they are getting tortured? Use logic please.

    And PLEASE stop acting like some good warriors! We saw your knowledge even when you had action points, the guys sent their towns on our islands and had many action points, but still did the same thing.

    Those things that you wrote about battling is some pretty basic stuff, congrats on learning it.

    Stop embarrassing yourself with those battle reports that you sent because they are clearly not legitimate.

    50 steam rams, BRAVO?

    We are all posting big and legitimate battles here with some of them even having 10-15-20k of damage more on your side, is that not enough?:D

    Let's battle with all of ours ships with enough action points and you'll see how much you do(n't) know :)

    Some people never learn...:sleeping:

    I give them props for persistance tho :D

    I hope you learned the lesson this time.

    Don't attack to my towns when I'm not there, otherwise you'll get massacred when I come prepared :)

    Do you guys know the app?

    It's pretty easy to install on almost any browser, and it allows you to caption complete battle reports, so people can see all the rounds or, if you don't like that, at least not have to stare at just text.

    We prefer posting battle reports on OFFICIAL Ikariam site, not the one that supports illegal scripts.

    We also posses tremendous battle knowledge which is highly valuable, compared to absolutely every single one of the Bulgarian players, sharing that knowledge for free on Ikalogs would be complete nonsense to say at least.

    If you want to learn something, come play with us, lose 50 times and you'll learn many secrets of this game :) If you don't want to, then just stare at the text, that's all you are gonna get from us if that's the case :)

    Some of your Bulgarian fellows on Eta seem to learn pretty fast, although many of them don't seem to realize their mistakes.

    And to all of you Bulgarian ''warriors'' on Eta, please stop bragging about the amount of the generals you can produce by circumventing the rules...ahem...banks...ahem...You absolutely have NO knowledge about this game because we have SEEN it and it seem that you get REALLY mad when you get Colossus from us but forget how many of them you used :)

    Not to mention that you were all settled where ever the hell you wanted and came here to tell us that we went far away from the center so that we can be safe...Okay, sorry I didn't come in the center where MAYBE I could find an island with Athena or Hades that is not full :D:D:D Forget about Forge, Poseidon or Colossus :D

    Ne mogu*

    125 rounds with these noobs...

    And then a smaller ones...