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    They should hire me,i'll fix their code. The game was never meant to be played like this with people running 15 million gen scores so of course theres bugs. Every suggestion to fix this has been scrubbed by the mods here and the topic deleted. Maybe the mods like the cheating aspect but some of us dont.

    Would you please repeat the kind of suggestion posted and was deleted by a mod? I remember that our job was helping players and answer their questions about the forum (Not the game) and censoring any kind of spam, insult, troll or offensive post that is against the clear rules of the forum. We don't delete suggestions even if they are repeated, we only close the thread in that case.

    Mods don't like cheating and as an ikariam player before being Mod, I myself have been affected by the merge and submitted a ticket to the game support awaiting an answer without repeating myself in the forum as I have been playing ikariam for 13 years. Yes, that's right. I play since 2009 on different servers starting from alpha. These years were enough to tell me how suggestions are posted and how we report bugs or severe exploits.

    So, as MOD now if you have something on a player who you think is not following the game rules, please report him to the GOs via the report button in game or by submitting a ticket in game support as reporting others isn't allowed in the forum publicly and that's why your posts may get censored sometimes.

    I wish you understand now how things work. :)


    Your opinions are always heard and we care about them. However, pushing threads and reopening ones that have been answered isn't the kind of freedom of opinions in the forum. You have the right to voice your opinions in the forum and the moderators have the right to close the thread when it's repeated or has already been answered.

    Do not re-open a thread that's just recently be closed.

    You're allowed to open any kind of discussion related to ikariam, but if it's repeated -like this one- I am sorry to say we're closing the thread.


    Avoid posting anything that can be considered as spam, trolling, flame, boycotting, "quitting the game", or generally potentially disturbing the forum atmosphere.

    Please, let's refrain from threads talking about how things are unfair and such. There is a proper way to post your suggestions in the forum without accusing others of cheating or "doing it wrong".

    Thanks and Thread closed.

    Hello Nick

    We understand your frustration, but as you explained yourself, your ticket is being handled by higher positions which means the team is taking it really seriously, so like Draxo said you only need to wait for a reply at the appropriate time.

    Like I have mentioned to you before, discussing bans and tickets reported shouldn't be done here as this may reveal private information. (i.e. the info you provided about your ticket shouldn't be here in the forum). So I am closing this thread and hoping, you don't create a new one with the same matter.

    Best Regards

    EN Mod


    Unfortunately this thread has to be closed as the rules are clear about spamming and offtopic posts not related to the usual content of the forum:

    Avoid posting anything that can be considered as spam, trolling, flame, boycotting, "quitting the game", or generally potentially disturbing the forum atmosphere.

    If you're having a ban inquiry, please use the game support system as bans can't be discussed here to avoid sharing account information.

    This is considered a dead end suggestion that will be rejected anyway as the Black Market was something added to the game and multi accounts are legal according to the game rules.