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    Another point guys. This rarely happens but I agree with Sampisa about tickets. By posting in the forum you get nowhere. name names, provide screenshots, reports, information, etc. via the ticket system. The forum is just a place to talk. You wanna do something, go to the support system. And I encourage you, please do.

    Personally POFF is not dealing with troop-bank and military issues since we are not taking part in the battles as I mentioned earlier. Also about piracy, our problem is not with them breaking game rules. It's the ethical aspect of the game. For that I can't submit any tickets but I gave a solution to deal with the problem in the game.

    Regarding piracy I can only urge the board to check their piracy feeders more often and more attentively. They have lots of small accounts created for the sole purpose of feeding points to the raider. for example check islands 3-13 & 5-13 on beta. there are many more islands and accounts like this. Sometime these feeder-points change hands several times which makes it harder to trace. The raider is usually not in the alliance. They either have no alliance or create a one-man alliance. sometimes they return to the main alliance when their job is done or create a wing alliance.
    ex. A S H I L, reza 72, MaMad, Ali-Killer, shok----kazem_n, I-R-I, ....(the List is long, these are some more recent ones)

    This is my reply to amooaidin from KINGs when he contacted me regarding a piracy problem they had some days ago, I'm gonna post it here for you to read also. I will send this to PGA/SOREN/IRI/Shok as well, if they contact me. And then I put them all in my ignore list. POFF has simply stopped all relations with these alliances, as we no longer trust any of them. I suggest you do too.


    This message is not just for you. It is for all active Iranian alliances. I am not happy to write it, but it's the truth. It's the ugly truth. I don't intent to be disrespectful but I'm not being nice anymore either. I just intent to be 100% frank and outspoken about this. Because this is my last message to you ever. Feel free to send this message to your culprits in PGA, SOREN, IRI, etc. too:

    You see that's the problem with liars and backstabbers. They think all other people are like them too, so they can't trust anyone. This lack of trust finally brings down all they have.

    Apparently your research is shit. POFF don't know a player named "Ali" and we are not supporting him. But personally I know Ali is a popular name in Iran. For example Ali Daei is a famous footballer. Anyway, We don't support any Iranian alliances or players. We never have. We don't want to have any relations with KINGs/PGA/SOREN and other iranian alliances. You are all the same. You know why? because we have heard so many lies from you guys that we don't trust any of the remaining active Iranian alliances and players (I mean KINGs, PGA, SOREN, IRI).

    I don't have anything against Iranian people. In real life I have some dear Iranian friends. In Ikariam, Regal The Great was my friend. You know why? because he never lied to me. I could trust him. We have Iranian members in POFF. Iranians we can trust, because they don't lie to us. Do you know why they don't want to join your alliance? because they don't trust you.

    KINGs/PGA/SOREN/MIS/Shok even a member from Myth. I have heard so many obvious lies from you guys that I have lost count!

    MIS were the biggest liars. I am very happy they are not on Ika anymore, but I know their members are in KINGs and PGA and other alliances. Shok told every one so many lies and cheated so much that most of their members got banned, shok kazem for example was banned permamnently and lost his account and now he is here with a small account, he is always changing names and alliances. He is the biggest liar on beta server. and I know PGA, SOREN and also KINGs support him in piracy. sometime you give him points, sometimes you give him the location of other players so he can go and raid them. last round you were all working together so no players from POFF, RAD, Dump, ABY would get in piracy top 50. I-R-I raided no Iranian players, he just raided English alliance players. Not him only, many other Iranian players have done the same in the past. I'll give you a list later.

    We put rankings together last round, there were members that only KINGs could see in piracy, and you know what happens afterwards? shok kazem AKA I-R-I goes after them and raids them. We know FOR FACT that KINGs/PGA/SOREN have all helped him.

    In the past KINGs/PGA/MIS/Shok have approached us many times for military peace and truce in piracy. Then you cheat us and violate the treaties. At first, some KINGs members directly did that, then you got cleverer, so you started feeding points to other players, players with no alliance to come and raid us, and then you deny it. There is a long list of names, These are just some recent ones:



    reza-72 bye ika





    Ippon Seoni Nage

    R A N D I

    pato mat



    A S H I L


    and many many others

    Even you and benYamin at some points violated the treaties directly.

    Now you are saying the peace will be cancelled? What peace are you talking about eaxtly? You have violated every treaty through you piracy puppets, your piracy proxies. You don't honor your deals, you don't honor your own words. KINGs/PGA/SOREN/MIS/Shok all of you.

    You come to POFF, RAD, Dump, NoL and ask us for help to fight PGA, then you backstab us in piracy! That is what you have done. Of course I didn't allow any POFF member to join that fight, because I knew you would cheat us later. But I know members from Dump, NoL and RAD joined you for the fight. What happened next? you backstabbed them in piracy some months later. They have presented facts, reports, messages. We have seen many of them.

    We do not trust any of you anymore, because each alliance at some point has cheated us. lied to us. backstabbed us.

    You can be sure about something. If we want to do something we will do it to your face. You remember about two years ago, Caspian Tiger and I raided every KINGs/PGA/MIS player we saw for months. we never changed our names or alliance. we never lied. our fighters like firmmonkeyfist, sponsor, Tiberius, ... were attacking you all the time. They never changed names or alliances. Because we are honest. in peace and in war. If we want to do something, we don't conceal our identity.

    POFF does not wish to have any relations with KINGs/PGA/SOREN or other alliances. We don't even accept CTs from your members. You made this happen with all the lies. Don'r contact us again. there is nothing to talk about. For the last time, If someone called Ali is raiding you in piracy, it has nothing to do with POFF. Go and talk to other liars and backstabbers about this.

    I feel sad for you. You have tricked so many people that you can trust no one now...

    Don't send me another message. I will just put you in the ignore list.

    Well, regarding the use of VPN/Anonymous proxies, I don't think this argument would go anywhere, since they're not breaking any rules. They are using anonymous proxies and there is no way to track those multies to the same IP because that's exactly the point of using anonymous proxies/VPNs on the internet. To protect your privacy, or mask your identity.

    And to be honest the rule that accounts from the same IP should not have any connections is a partially nonsensical in my opinion. I prefer the newer rule about piracy feeders that GF has, which is banning the multies that are created solely for the purpose of feeding points and are not proper gaming accounts. You see, the IP rule can be easily bypassed, but not the second rule, because the performance of an account is assessed. That also needs more accurate examination on GF's part and they can't just ban everyone without looking into the case thoroughly.

    Personally if someone goes through the trouble of playing several accounts properly and actually develops them, which is highly time consuming, I don't see a problem with the accounts being able to have contact with one another. I believe that player needs to be rewarded in a way for going through the pains of playing several accounts properly.

    On the other hand, I believe GF should develop the piracy feeder rule, and apply it to other aspects of the game such as troop banks and gold feeders. Currently it only applies to multies in the same alliance, and They are taking advantage of this bug. for example multiple piracy feeders within PGA which are no proper gaming accounts and are NOT ACTUALLY PLAYED, feed a player with no alliance or from a different alliance, ex. SOREN/IRI. That's what they should be going after, if they wanna stop this vicious cycle.

    What's more, the problem with Iranian alliances like KINGs/PGA/SOREN/IRI/Shok is not them breaking the game rules. It's the moral/ethical aspect of the game they are ruining, through perpetual lying, backstabbing, violation of treaties through proxies/players with no alliance. Unfortunately Gameforge cannot do anything about this, as it has nothing to do with game rules. This is something that only players in other alliances can put a stop to. By uniting and dealing with them harshly and accordingly, giving them no quarters and offering them no more treaties. This could be through military action, cancelling of all cultural treaties, etc. for example POFF does not accept treaties from any of those alliances, and our members are repeatedly asked to check their CTs and cancel CTs with them if they have any.

    When it comes to troop banks, I believe trade exchanges between accounts with high Gen Scores/Gold Supply, and accounts receiving high Gen scores and large amounts of gold in a short time should be observed by GF and players who gain large amounts of Gen/Gold continually should be permanently banned, so should be the troop banks who spend almost all their time on V-Mode, and then pass humongous amounts of Gen to crtain players and return to V-Mode again.

    Another point that I want to mention here has nothing to do with Gameforge, but with other alliances of Beta. Them joining KINGs to help them fight PGA was by far the stupidest move I have seen during all the time I have been playing this game. POFF didn't allow any members to do so. In particular I didn't allow them, and ignored all requests made by KINGs or their representatives. KINGs is no better than PGA when it comes to respect for the moral aspect of the game. They have cheated as much as PGA/Shok/MIS/SOREN,..... But they lied you guys into fighting their war and many of you fell for it. then behind your back they conspired with the very alliances you were fighting to raid you in the piracy subgame, to wipe as much EN alliance players from piracy rankings as they could. Their biggest effort so far was the previous round. Go check the rankings. That is something I have been telling RAD, Dump, ABY and NoL for a long time. You want to solve this, stop helping KINGs. let them fight PGA on their own. And when you see those no-alliance or one man alliance players getting around treating in piracy, be sure that KINGs is also at play. Haven't you asked yourselves, why KINGs players easily place in piracy, when the enemy they seem to be fighting all the time easily raids every EN alliance player they can see. And even the players they can't see. players that only KINGs could see, and then provided the coordinates to the raider.