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    The cheaters must have vamoosed to a new server after they all got caught.

    Wish this problem would have been dealt with years ago before they killed half the server.

    Hopefully we don't jinx ourselves and it will stay this way... Maybe when other servers start witnessing this crap firsthand and start either complaining or leaving, there will be a Dev team that will take this more seriously and implement real change.

    My post was sarcasm... ;)

    For 4 years this has been an issue with a reasonable solution offered, yet it didn’t gain any traction for implementation. So because nothing has been done to circumvent the cheating and exploiting, this is exactly how GF wants the game played.

    If this isn’t how they want us to play, then they can prove me wrong and implement a fix 8o

    Del, we can create hundreds of accounts and as long as they do not interact with each other, we'll be fine. We can have our alliance members and friends unload their military/gold into them. It won't be breaking the rules because they won't be the owner. This is exactly how the GO's want us to play.

    Correct, ABY doesn't have any. All our players in the top 50 are real players fighting it out with their single account.

    The lack of response from the higher ups is honestly a slap in the face of all of us who are trying to play this game without cheating. I don't want some long-winded reply saying that we're intolerant or targeting a specific group of ethnic individuals. That's a distraction to what's going on. We're attacking anybody who's cheating and if it falls under one specific ethnic group, then that's not our problem. That's GF's because of their lack of rule adaptation to the abuse of VPN.

    The board admins need to do a better job of conveying our frustrations to GF. Better yet, bring the devs/leadership into this discussion so we can fix this. We were promised this thread wouldn't die and right now it feels like it's one foot over the grave and the other on a banana peel.

    Fix it.

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    Post away. This game has gone straight to the toilet. Might as well keep the diarrhea flowing with the cheaters in play. I have yet to see any of them come here to defend themselves so clearly they don't care.

    Until something is done, everything from the mods/admins are just empty promises. I have no confidence that anything will be done; especially since this has been reported 4 years ago and we're worse off now than before. What will happen is this. And it's not an exaggeration; this will be fact:

    1. The server will die.

    2. We will merge with another server.

    3. This will continue with the new server and that server will begin a slow and painful death.

    4. Rinse and repeat.

    If this garbage isn't addressed, then I want my account to be moved to another server where I can participate in all aspects of the game; not just fighting. I didn't sign up to be on a war server 100% of the time. I signed up to build my empire and fight battles from time to time. Not all the time, day/night for indefinitely.

    Make those gen banks honest or we will see this for another 3 years.

    You won't see that for another 3 years because the server will be dead because people will quit because of unfair game play.

    Yup,if Del,Aby and the rest of us diehards give up it will be toast. This server is unplayable for anyone but seasoned fighters now.


    I don't know how Del has the stamina to keep fighting this for as long as he has. I've been dealing with it for a few months and I'm completely drained. I'm not even putting in the effort like Del and it has completely wiped me out mentally.

    I'm sorry, but people who aren't playing on the Beta server or dealing with this garbage directly have no say so in this matter; Admin or not. Especially if they fail to read what has already been posted regarding solutions to this broken system. Stop skimming through this thread and be thorough. You have a growing number of players who are truly unsatisfied with how things are being handled, yet do absolutely nothing about it. This is why players are leaving in mass. Ever since this merger, the fun of Ikariam has left. It's completely nonexistent because we have to deal with this cheating bs.

    I've been playing this game for 11 years and I still have no idea why multi accounts are allowed. Every other web game I've played have limited it to one account per server. If people want to try different styles or strategies, they have 20 other servers to choose from in the English location; more from the other language servers. If you want to cater to the cheating Iranians, give back their own server and let them create their chaos there. They can cheat to their hearts content without screwing over the rest of the players.