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    Has anyone gotten an answer for the error when you want to merge to Ny?

    • Alliance name is already in use. Please choose another one

    I've been trying for 8 hrs straight and nothing.

    Is really sad to see that GF does not care about their players, their community, is so sad that instead of sympathizing with us, you have to give your explanation of how simple is the rule referring to what Draxo explained.... I see ambrosia consumer cheating in the game by using bots, hacking into the game, multi accounting and supporting each other in that multi accounting network, breaking rules, making the servers die bcs we loose interest in playing those server thanks to those type of players and the ones that are loyal to the game for ages and work hard to maintain the community stick together are punished for simple things like a character!!! seriously?? are you kidding me, this has to be the most and biggest joke in the history of Ikariam!

    Oh and by the way GF my nick name is not in English...... and I have been plating this game for 10 years, never been banned, never had an issue with my name..... how is that for your "Rule"?