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    Trading problem is not with wood but with all resources. If you want to sell something and the offer wants more resources than you have, you can't use the MAX button (so you can't sell with freighters at all and with normal ships you have to write the amount by hand). ;)

    And yes, they added two major updates and this problem is not fixed at all.

    Because of math.
    Yes, it is possible that data on Wiki is not accurate. But with counting on that data it should not be possible.

    But thank you L.O.B for additional screens without the Christmas bonus.

    And that is why you have 14 towns on one screen and 15 towns on other screen?
    Even with what you wrote, 16,5k/hour is not real.

    Forester/winery - 40 instead of 34 - about 4% difference
    Helping hands with techno - about 15% difference
    Premium, shrine, dionysus, helios (cinema is funny, but I don't count it because I didn't talk about that city), Mill - same
    Christmass bonus 30% - about 13% difference
    Mine 58 instead of 48? - this is not that 68% difference I miss. ;)

    Sorry, but not real.

    The more solid the infrastructure in the early stages is, the smoother the expansion will be in future, my strategy.

    Please wrote the bonuses of your world. :)
    This is probably Ares? Or bonuses of the classic world plus Christmas bonuses.

    Nah, it's Beta .EN. He's good!

    Without server bonus?
    Christmas bonus was 30%.
    I have about 4B donated, levels 57/48 and I have half of it per town - 8500/city (yes, I don't have extra people on the mines).
    But even with extra people on mines I could have about 10k, with 20% bonus 10,5k, with 30% Christmas bonus maximum 12k.
    How could he have over 16k? What mines he has?

    Konečně to někdo nahlásil. :D
    Měl jsem podobný problém, ale fakt se mi to nechtělo screenovat nebo natáčet.

    Problém není "se vzdáleností", ale čistě "náhodně".
    Většinou je to tak u obchodů, které mají několik nákupů najednou.
    Pak nefunguje tlačítko max.

    Lze vypsat sumu ručně, ale dole se nezobrazí žádné lodě, takže to jde jen opravdu poctivě spočítat, kolik mohu poslat. Pak odklpenout a obchod proběhne.

    ALE!!! Funguje to jen na obchodní lodě a nikoliv nákladní lodě (tam to napíšeš "nedostatek obchodních lodí".

    Zkrátka tlačítka na změnu cenu jsou zašedlá a nefunkční, max tlačítko nefunkční a jezdce na počet lodí jsou vizuálně funkční, ale reálně nefunkční. :)

    In case of doubts about stuff ask to escalate the ticket to the next level.

    Did not work for me. ;)
    I wanted higher person to look on my ticket. From GO it went to SGO and then GA. But after 2+2 days it went back to GO that wrote the same and closed the ticket again.
    And it was about other player that seemed breaking game rules and GO plays on the same server. That is why i wanted higher SGO or GA to look at it again.

    But it came back to the same GO. :(

    Luky You didn't answer me.
    How many wood do you have donated? I just wonder why you want to have it for yourself.
    If you donated like tenth of the Resources you had (Donation/Resource score), then okay.
    But mostly the ones that want this change is the ones that don't donate so much. ;)

    I think at least every tenth resource should be donated.