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    Re the Language situation..

    I am surprised GF did not let merging communities know the rules as quoted by Draxo, before starting the merge into .EN

    It is an English speaking server according to the GF rules.

    @ Draxo..

    I know the rules so if there is not a problem..can someone tell them to make the change to English, town & ign..alliance pages & send messages in English not Taiwanese or we will have to start send reports to GO's.

    Thank you

    This is not as urgent as the actual merge problems but will GF be able to sort out the language problem on .EN with incoming merges from, in particular Taiwan.

    Without doing massive translations we, the original English speakers cannot understand who they are, what the alliances are about & what the content of any messages are.

    I am sure they are having the same problems as some translations do not make sense.

    Thank you for your efforts in sorting all the problems out, this I know will be low on the list of priorities but just to know it will be looked into will be a help.

    Thank you.

    Because now the 'big guys' with have the special features of the new worlds without the bother of starting from scratch ..but "sorry it can't be helped"

    Of course new servers will be opened , that's why they close some down to make room for new ones...

    Cancelling the top 50 rule seems grossly unfair on the small players on the target worlds...Everyone on Orpheus including the GO is on the top 50...Oh joy for big accounts from say Pi.

    Another GF Homage to unfairness & total disregard for their players.

    I have one great question which no one seems to have thought.

    According to GF you are NOT allowed to transfer to a server if your 'general points' are MORE than the 50th player on that server. Please answer me,during this merge, HOW is it possible to transfer an account (from a newer server) with more than 50M general points to also to a newer server with players having 1M general points max, but someone from the old ones can not? I do not understand how this is even close to 'fair' .

    Hi..I don't know if it's same bug but on Alpha, sending any type of military action...troops or ships does not actually put them on the battle fields although screen says everything s being sent.

    This banjaxing a lot of action.:cursing:;(