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    6 Colossus would be good in hindsight. It's too late for that now, if I'm going to move towns for miracles I'll be getting more forges.
    Colossus is defensive, I'm gearing up to fight back, not hide away. Smacking them back is the only way bullies learn.

    Also, I don't care about losing resources, they're not real. But spending real money to move my towns against my will just because some kid is bored during the school holidays isn't going to happen.

    This game might be pay-to-win now but I'm not doing pay-to-defend.

    If you want to annoy the crap out of an attacker like that and you're not a fighter, move a bunch of towns to colossus islands and keep colossus'ing them. Put a spear and a slinger in each town so they have to take a few rounds to break through, and colossus them.

    But as someone said earlier, it's also worth diving into the root reason why this particular player has decided to visit you.

    The root reason is I had a lot of res and they wanted it. Simple as that.

    It was going to be used for my final town GR. Than plan is scrapped now but at least I've got a mobile I can annoy with.

    Nearly caught them off guard with a 50% Collossus today, reduced his troops enough so it was actually a fair fight. A couple more rounds and I might've won but reinforcements came.
    Felt good to do some damage tho and looking forward to more.

    You should not expect to beat him, but at least you can make it super painful and not worthwhile for him to fight you.

    Thats my entire strategy in one sentence.

    I can't win in the short term, it's impossible.
    But AFTER he's had his fun and it's not worthwhile anymore, that's when the annoying really starts and I double down.
    He can't maintain that amount of gens long term, it'll come down eventually or I drain his gold. And by then my towns will be far more military capable.

    This will take forever but I'm committed.

    Yep, you understand exactly how futile it is to go up against one of these military bank accounts.

    This is my whole point. The balance of the game is broken.

    Everybody knows this, that's why the other people he's attacking on my islands go into v-mode. It's the only sensible option.

    Vacation mode isn't a strategy, it's being forced to quit playing the game temporarily.

    Even with all the best strategies, all the miracles, being online 24/7... does anyone here think 30k gens can hold off 160k gens?

    Is there any way I can stop him with conventional military, without a bank?

    If the answer is no then is there any point in playing this game?

    You will probably be put on Your knees and someday will consider to leave the game. :D

    I've already considered it. And I'm not alone, how many have already left because of this.

    • Why this player is attacking me now? Is it because I look like a farm with millions and millions of resources? Or is it neutralize a player in his territory? Or anything else? Have I done something in the past with him?

    Everything looks like a farm when you have 165k gens.

    I had millions of res because that's what's needed for the final GR. And he told me he didn't want war, just my res.
    I also had 25k gens and the ability to produce more. Looking around that's decent protection for a builder.
    Or are we now supposed to maintain 165k gens so we don't look like a farm?

    • Do I have any alliance or friends to ask help for?

    My alliance has 10 members. They have 161.
    We have 250k gens. They have 54 Million gens.

    I told them I'll handle this myself and might even leave the alliance for a while. It's not worth it for them.

    Can pause buildings and focus on creating an army?

    I'm deleting buildings and changing from a builder to a fighter.
    You can appreciate this takes time, we're 3 days into this alerady and I'm nowhere near done.
    And you can't develop barracks/shipyard and produce troops at the same time. That's a bit of a pickle.

    What battle strategies I can use for my defense?

    That's what I'm asking. Because I can't see any and I don't think there are any.
    They dominate everything.
    New troops/ships finish developing then get wiped out. Repeatedly.

    What can I do with less army but still something painful (slowboating, pillaging player's multi accounts, leeching miracles on his islands etc)

    That is my whole plan. Guerrilla warfare.
    I'm going to keep them occupied by being really annoying. Small attacks here, small attacks there, but constantly and never-ending.
    The whole point being to drain their gold. 165k gens is expensive to maintain, especially when occupying.

    I will get him to beg me to stop. But this will take months if not years.
    It's not a solution to my immediate problem. And it's not a solution for everyone.

    Here's the situation I'm in, I suspect most of us have been in a similar spot by now

    I had about 25k gens. I was attacked by someone with 85k gens.
    I was saving for my 12th GR so millions of resources on hand.
    What do you do?

    I started getting rid of the resources that took months and months to store up, Better for me to spend them than get stolen. 2 million crystal spent on experiments etc.
    Better get rid of my sulphur too, at least I can convert that into troops and ships to defend myself and stop this attacker, right?

    I got all my barracks and shipyards producing troops and ships. But they have control of my ports and occupying my towns. Any troops that turn up are immediately under attack by a far superior force.
    You can't wave when you rebel, and you can't leave. You just have to sit there and take it.
    Your tiny band of troops are inside the wall, they don't even have that protection. It's a bloodbath. Especially with a few forges active.

    When the attacker notices I produced a few units they wipe them out and I'm back to square one.

    As for the fleet. it's going to take over 10 days to produce enough ships to put up a fight.
    But again when ships turn up there aren't enough to clear the port, and when they notice I have ships they wipe them out.
    Back to square one again, but minus some sulphur and gold.

    So in 3 days I have successfully managed to raise my gens to 31k.
    That's an increase of 6k gens.

    Meanwhile, overnight my attacker went from 85k gens to 135k gens. And last night they increased their gens to 165k.
    Their gold supply went down 120 million. We ALL know why.

    So it seems to me, for anyone without access to a military bank there are 2 options:

    • v-mode
    • let them plunder all your resources

    If there are no serious options for resistance then the balance of this game is fundamentally broken.

    I don't play piracy, not interested. I left an alliance because piracy squabbles are starting military conflicts. I wasted 30 million gold on one server defending someone because of this before the huge player backed off.

    If someone attacks an alliance member the alliance should get involved, but if the player is attacking to retaliate (the alliance member attacked first) then that is the players problem and not the alliance's.

    So when small player X attacks small account A2, they did not attack A1 so didn't provoke them. They don't even know that A2 is A1's multi-account.
    If huge main account A1 then attacks X they claim it is retaliation and the alliance should not get involved. But surely A1 is attacking unprovoked.
    Accounts A1 and A2 should be two separate accounts. Using a huge account to protect multi-accounts is unfair.

    And which ever way you look at it player A1 is gaining an advantage at the expense of X.
    If Pushing is not about military use and only about unfair trades then say that in the rules.

    A1 and A2 are two accounts IP-Shared, X is an "enemy". If X attacks A1, then A2 should not attack X in a "fair" period of time. We consider this period just a week, the period reported by an advisor to the player. Obviously, in the meantime X does not have to attack A1 again. If X attacks both A1 and A2 (maybe X does not know that A1 and A2 are IP-Shared...), then both A1 and A2 can attack back X, this is allowed.

    So to be clear, an immediate retaliation from A2 against X for an attack on A1 is not allowed?
    And "immediate" means within a week?

    This seems kinda fair and similar to my suggestion above of...
    "Even make it a specific bashing rule for piracy: No military retaliation against smaller players in the current piracy round."
    The last week of piracy rounds is when it heats up so smaller players could raid multis then without fear of a main account attacking them.

    Can this please be added to the official rules post so that all players know and understand?

    I'm sure there was some rule against attacking small players.
    Maybe it was just game etiquette but it was deeply ingrained that you don't do that, why I'm surprised that there's not an actual rule about it except the really vague Pushing one.

    The new version of the Pushing rule doesn't reffer to transfer of goods at all, just "gain advantage".
    That to me means no pillaging, raiding, receiving goods, multi-account raid retaliation or any other action against a small player that benefits the larger player at the expense of the smaller one. I can't see how it could mean anything else.

    It needs clarifying now.

    Constantly pillaging small players till they leave the game doesn't seem like it's in the best interests of the game.
    Likewise stopping small players trying to compete at their own level by bullying them away from equally sized multi-accounts.
    If that's not what the Pushing rule is about then I don't know why it's even there.

    If you're talking about "forbidding" military action as in a game rule enforced by the GOs, that would really take away from the spirit of the game. There's no rule about who you're allowed to attack. Or when, or why.

    Are you saying there's nothing in the rules to stop me constantly pillaging a newbie fresh out of god protection till they get fed up and quit the game?
    Or would I fall foul of the Pushing rule by gaining an advantage at the expense of a considerably weaker player?

    My understaning is that Bashing was merged with Pushing to simplify the rules.
    Pushing definitely used to be about unfair trades, Bashing was about unfair pillaging. But now Pushing is about any action that gains an advantage at the expense of a weaker player.
    Is that not the case? If it is then that is a rule forbidding military action in a specific case.


    Multi-accounts are considered completely separate accounts, as if it is a completely different player using them.
    We all know why they're used and it's not two people sharing the same network IP, that's why we have the fleet contact rule, they must not have any interaction.

    If someone raids your multi-account (piracy or military) it can only really be considered retaliation if the multi-account strikes back.
    A retaliation attack from your main account should be considered as an unprovoked first strike.

    To give an example a common post in alliances is from a small player saying "HALP, HE ATTACK BUT I DID NOTHING TO HIM!!!".
    It then turns out the player piracy raided a similar sized account to himself, not knowing that its owner has another account with insane GS.
    To the small player that is an unprovoked attack from the larger player, they probably have the common sense not to raid a much bigger player but someone their own size is a fair fight.

    The point I'm trying to make is ... either it's allowed to attack much smaller players unprovoked (pillage them out of the game or "retaliate" for your small multi-account with your bigger main account), or it's not allowed to do either.

    The Pushing (Bashing) and the multi-account rules need clarification because just now they are completely subjective and at the whim of the GOs.
    Explicitly state what is allowed then we can move on.

    I don't think it would be that hard to enforce.
    If the smaller player does an action in the main game against the bigger player that would normally require retaliation then they are exempt from piracy bashing protection.
    You could make miracle leeching a bashing exemption, that might help fix that problem too.

    The problem is the pushing rule is vague and subjective. The point of rules is to have clarity about what is allowed and what is not.
    That's why there are many posts about the rules, they're too vague. It seems there was an effort to simplify them but they've just muddied the waters.

    In my example large mutli account players do gain an advantage by bullying smaller players but they can hand wave it off as not being explicitly stated in the rules.

    Bring back the bashing rule, that would fix it and make things more fair.
    Even make it a specific bashing rule for piracy: No military retaliation against smaller players in the current piracy round.

    That would level the priacy playing field a bit and have a rule that's less open to interpretation.

    But what is happening here is Player A has 2,000,000 total score, Player B (the player raiding Player A's multis) has 12,000 total score.

    Isn't this against the Pushing rule?

    3. Pushing

    • It is not allowed to gain an advantage at the expense of weaker players. A player is considered weaker if his total highscore is lower than that of the accused.

    Player B can't raid Player A's multis (which should be considered sepatate accounts) because Player A protects them so gains an advantage.

    At the start of every piracy round nobody has an advantage, everybody should be equal. But if piracy = military and huge accounts are protecting their multi accounts with military then it's not equal at all. The small players without multi accounts are at a disadvantage from the start because they can't raid anybody. The whole system favours big multi account players.

    I've been playing 12 years and piracy was always a minigame. I don't even play piracy, not interested.

    But now I'm seeing small players asking for military aid from the alliance because they've pirated a huge player and now they're under attack.
    They assumed it was a separate thing. And the huge players just say "they attacked me first" when they mean "captured points".

    I thought the point of piracy was that everybody starts off equal, the little guys have a chance, but if military is in the equation then huge players with multi-accounts have an advantage and can throw their weight about.