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    Knocking the door of a poor man with all trash units and ships you got, PINOY. Good job!

    Easy to be triggered and hard to learn out your own stupidity, that was how you defined yourselves. Got at least 10 rounds in an "all vs one" battle with every land and naval force you got surrounding me and you still say number 1 vs number 13... If we were really serious about you guys, PINOY got no chance... Next time when we pay some of you guys a friendly visit, even when you are outnumbered, remember not to run away from our forces, as I didn't hide my ass from a battle where my army was completely outnumbered.

    Enjoy your... er... 13 vs 1 (I mean "13 players vs 1 player" gang-b*ng style) and keep playing. You guys are always delicious resource farms and additional motivation for some of our players. We don't want to make you leave.

    Cheers XD

    I couldn't kill catapults, cooks and doctors :(