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    X'mas Contest 2019 - ANSWERS


    In this section, I will post answers for each day.

    After the final rank is published, you will have 24 hours to send us a complaint in case you need additional clarification.

    Hi there!

    Your task today is to unscramble each line of the words, and from letters in circle form a sentence. If you can not decide which word is the solution, try to form a sentence and you will see if all letters fit in a sentence or not ;) If they do not, that means that word you unscrambled is not correct.

    Your ORG.

    Day Four

    Deadline: 23rd Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer and board name to

    Note that you have to add your board name together with each answer. I will not consider your answer if you do not add board name.


    Reindeers are eager to start the journey around the world and in their rush they scrambled my words. Help me rebuild the words.


    Unscramble each of the clue words.

    Use this answer form:

    1. Answer, 2. Answer ... 7. Answer - Final answer

    The answer must be a list of all words, and the final sentence.

    You get 1 point for each line solved, and 3 points for the final answer.

    -Luna_ In your case, if you don't pass over the "5", no, obviously: if you move over it, your path will be longer - wrongly. You just have to report the numbers that you "cross" on your path. Suppose that on your way you find 6 numbers, then your answer will be something like "4,1,6,3,4,9 (27)" where "27" is just the sum 4+1+6+3+4+9. Note that also "9,4,3,6,1,4 (27)" is accepted.

    panos78 Correct :)

    Sirius A "step" is a number you encounter, not the number of turns, of squares/area, decisions or anything else.

    I asked for that kind of answer because I just want to be sure that you chose the correct (and the shortest) path without the need to send a pic (and risk to lose for a wrong turn). So, do not send any pic, just a number sequence with the sum :)

    ORG :)

    Day Three

    Deadline: 22nd Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer and board name to


    I need to find the way to pass this labyrinth. Can you help me to find the way by telling my which steps do I have to follow? How many steps do I need to exit the labyrinth?


    The answer must be a list of steps from top to bottom, plus a total number of steps.

    Example: 7,3,9,5,2 (26)

    You get 1 point for each correct step and 3 points for the sum of total steps.


    panos78 rule was clear, when you send your answer, that answer is sent :) If you send an empty message, obviously, I don't consider it, but if you added your board nickname and a list of words... well I must consider just the first answer. I must be fair and unbiased vs. other players, I'm sorry.

    Indeed, you have 3 more games that can give a variable amount of points, so don't worry, you can still have a good rank.

    A little note: current top players didn't get full score, amount of participant is not too high (less than 100 people), so you still have good possibilities to award a prize.

    Reza since the minimum word length is 5, "sea" automatically is not acceptable :)

    ORG :)

    1. Since the contest is open to all communities, both words are acceptable. There is also a word that in UK is spelt differently than in US, but in this case the UK form was used (think e.g to center vs. centre, colour vs. color, colonise vs. colonize...)

    2. You are right, nobody is perfect :) There is also another word at plural, I will consider as correct both forms (singular and plural), so no penalty will be applied. My apologies...

    Your innocent ORG :)

    Day Two

    Deadline: 21st Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer and board name to


    New day, new task! :)

    This time, your task is to find a list of Ikariam related words found ingame.

    All words have 5 or more letters, all words are singular (NO plural words), NO words within words (for example gunpowder is the normal word, but not gun and not powder) .


    You get +0.5 points for each word found and -0.5 points for each non-Ikariam related word found.

    For example:
    You noted down gunpowder, gun, powder. You will get -0.5 points in all.

    The answer must be a list of words. No picture.

    Your and the only ORG.

    Day One

    Deadline: 20th Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer to


    I took a gyrocopter to see the town from above. I took a picture, but when I came home the elves cut the picture in 35 squares and scrambled them.

    Help me, put them in the correct order to rebuild the picture.

    The answer must be a list of numbers from 1 to 35 in the correct order to rebuild the island, from left to right and from top to bottom.

    You get 0.5 points for each tile correctly placed.

    To give you a little help, I attach also a zip file with all the 35 tiles: use them wisely:

    Contest Rules

    Hello fellow Ikariamers,

    an year has passed, and we can start again with our little Christmas contest. First of all, please let me drop here the contest rules.

    As told by Sampisa, the contest starts today, 18th Dec and lasts 5 days. How do the contest works?

    • Every day, I post on this thread a new question. It can be a puzzle, a game, a crossword, etc. You have to solve it following the provided instructions
    • Each game can let you gain some variable points, as described on the question itself: who scores more points, wins.
    • You must send ONE message to with the answer and your board nickname
    • You have (at leastI) 48 hours to answer to the question. In fact, to help you, deadline is shifted to the midnight (game time) of the deadline day.
    • Multiple entries are not permitted - your first answer will be the one that is counted.
    • Please, always use one email per answer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not put 2 or more answers on the same email.
    • Do NOT send your answers to any other Staff members, since your answer will NOT be considered valid, and it will NOT be processed.
    • When the question deadline expires, I will post the answer to let you check your answers.
    • The winners will be announced shortly after the end of the contest (usually within 48h).

    If you have something to discuss, please do it in our ChitChat thread, I'll answer as soon as possible.

    So, are you ready? The first question will come in few minutes! Enjoy, and have fun!

    Your only and one ORG :)