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    time for final thanks.

    First of all, thank you all for your participation. Without you, the players, this contest and - obviously - Ikariam wouldn't exist.

    Finally, I would like to thank the people who did a lot of dirty work: badidol for making it possible to assign some prizes and his kind assistance on administrative issues; Antikythera for her effort in building the games; MrSniperZ for the support in checking the email; Sampisa for the spreadsheet and the patience... :)

    My best wishes (and of the whole Staff) for a happy and wonderful 2022. :*

    See you at the next Contest! :)


    Here is the full list. I didn't consider who sent just a single answer the day one and then disappeared.


    since nobody else complained until now.... I consider that the ranking list is valid.

    I'll send a PM to the winners with the coupons and the related instruction about how their use.

    Filosofas_HW I contacted you via mail because I was unable to open the link with the screenshot that you attached to your answers. Incidentally, I explicitly asked to send a mail with the screenshot, not a link to a screenshot, since in the past we had the same problem. I'm sorry. Since you didn't answer to my email, I had to ignore your messages containing a link instead than the picture. Anyway, you got 8 at the first question 19.5 at the forth and 16.5 to the fifth, for a total of 44 points.

    I'll add the full table with the results in a separate post.

    Here we are! This is the list of the Top 20 players. Congrats to the first 7, the winners of some Gameforge coupons!

    Rank Name Score
    1 sunrise 115.5
    2 Cassiopea 113
    3 mankyfej 111
    4 Play 103
    5 cruiser 102.5
    6 wiliam 102
    7 TheNewOne 99.5
    8 Patrons 98
    8 Paradox of Darkness 98
    10 Borrowedtime 95.5
    11 20813-galen 93.5
    11 made 93.5
    13 Pacific Ocean 93
    14 doom3007 91
    15 skaff 90.5
    16 123abc 90
    16 Celi 90
    18 covece 89.5
    19 Lets go Brandon 88.5
    20 desmo125 88
    20 panos78 88

    Even if I did my best, I'm not perfect... so please double-check the score assigned, and compare it with the answers provided.

    If you notice any errors, please contact me ASAP via mail ( In case, I'll whip myself, and I'll correct the score :)


    Yesss! Finally, we have a winner :) But before publishing the list... please let me know that I really had a very good time reading your comments. I really thank you for your Christmas wishes, I can't answer to each one of you, but I really appreciated, thank you.

    I also really liked your funny messages, your considerations and your fantasy... about the motto of Rob Antilles. Here are some examples:

    - "Life am Good"

    - "The fate of a people lies in your hands Become a wise ruler in Ikariam!"

    - "gaming!"
    - "Braindead"

    - "I love you more than you'll ever know"

    - "Let's mess with these motherf***ers*

    - "What or who even is Rob Antilles? Even internet doesn't know :("

    - "Liebe Follower: Ist zufällig einer von euch in der Lage einen Wählhebel-Positionsschalters aus,- und wieder sicher einzubauen?" (it means: "Dear Followers: Is it by any chance that one of you is able to turn off a selector lever position switch - and reinstall it safely?"
    - "The sounds of the sea, white beaches and sunshine!..."
    - "Who has he/she ever so, at least not given any information about himself in the last 10 years?"

    Just to let you know, I had to read about 500 emails, check a lot of words, keep aligned the ranking list, search your forum name, since a lot of you forgot to add it... but at the end, I'm really happy about the Contest, and how it's gone.

    My apologies for the naivety about some words on day 4, I got all your comments and complaints, and I'll try to be more careful next time :) My apologies also for the delayed start of the contest: it was planned a week before, but the issues related to the Soft Merge forced to shift the beginning.

    Ok, and now, the juicy part.

    And the winner is... [continues in the next post]


    Paradox of Darkness  Cassiopea due to a unwanted forum cleaning, unluckily this afternoon some guides and old posts were deleted. Among them, also the post on forum telling that the server was opened the 15th of Feb 2008 but it was started 1 Feb. The "trick" about the question was there: if you count the days on the lobby, the server started 1 Feb. But it was impossible to register until 15 Feb due to various tests performed before to open the registrations. This info was on forum, on the thread Servers in Ikariam EN . My apologies for that, we will rebuild the history as soon as possible

    Well, also "glasses" exists as a singular form, "glass". But when we talk about the tool that a lot of people put on the neck to look better, we consider them as a single item even if in plural form. I'm not a grammar expert, but ok, I agree: I'll be simpler in the future :)

    About, I told at the beginning of the 5th question that... I was checking "your knowledge of the Ikariam world" ;)


    play :

    - If say, "photographic" and "photo" appear separately (i.e. without intersection), do we count them as two words?

    If you find e.g. "rockstar" somewhere and "rock" in another position, then they count as 2 words. So in your example, the answer is yes.

    - If a word is both the plural form of a noun and third person present tense of a verb, does it count?

    We should not have such words. The words are not plural, but we have forms of verbs (e.g. cooling, cool, cooled)

    - Do the words have to be Christmas (or Ikariam) related?

    words are winter related, cloths, forecast, objects

    Luv Money yes: if we have a tie, I'll introduce a further question.

    Day Five

    Deadline: 27th Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer to with your forum name


    Today I want to award you some points for your knowledge of the Ikariam world.

    Please, answer the following questions

    1. When discussion with another player becomes aggressive and/or unwanted how can you end it permanently without sending him a message or reporting it to the GOs?

    2. What is the workshop level needed to fully upgrade the steam ram?

    3. While playing Ikariam, how can you go to your "Account Data" with one single click?

    4. How often can I see a comedy at the cinetheatre?

    5. At some point in account development, it is possible to get a free town relocation.

    5.a) How?

    5.b) When?

    6. The "Shady Merchant":

    6.a) Who is?

    6.b) Where can we find him?

    7. There is a kind of "Easter Egg" in Ikariam, that brings you to a "secret page" with Credits.

    7.a) How can you reach that page?

    7.b) What is the motto of Rob Antilles?

    8. When did server Alpha on open registration for players (day, month, year)?

    9. Where are the Gameforge's headquarters (town, country)?


    The reply must be a list of answers, one for each question.

    You get 2 points for each correct reply.
    You lose 0.5 points for each missing or wrong answer.



    NOTE: the deadline is related to the game time aka GMT+1

    Day Four

    Deadline: 26th Dec @ 23:59:59

    Send your answer to with your forum name


    Search the words in the schema. The words can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, in any direction.

    The reply must be a list of words. (no screenshots, please)

    You get 0.5 points for each correct word found.

    Each wrong word decreases your score by 0.5 points.

    Rules are as always:

    - no words under 5 letters

    - no words within words. If a word is made by 2 small words, only the bigger word is taken into consideration (eg. "photo graphic" --> "photographic")

    - no words at plural



    NOTE: the deadline is related to the game time aka GMT+1