(no bug) Raid barbarian village in Daily Tasks

  • Please remove "Raid barbarian village" from the Daily Tasks for now.

    Then put it back after you've fixed the Access Denied issue.

    The bug makes it impossible to complete all the tasks!

  • Here's some closure therapy for those in need:


    Viet Nam Sociality[VNS] - Alpha US Spokesman
    Bậc Thầy Thịt mèo Nướng

    BBQ CAT Master Chef

  • Not only that. When starting a new server you need to pillage the village for much needed resources.

    I may just go on vacation until it is fixed. Way overdue IMHO.

    Same as the Dockyard bug!

  • It should also be removed (or allowed to be skipped) from the Tutorial, in which me (and every single new Ikariam user) is now stuck. I've played Ikariam ages ago with my brother but I have forgotten everything since, so I'm stuck until this is resolved. Unless this happens soon I'll simply remove the bookmark from the Firefox toolbar and forget about Ikariam for the next 10 years again.