(no bug) Golden Fleece does not show in active effects in Inventory

  • Why should it? It's not a package which can be activated in the inventory,

    The Fleeces appear in the inventory when not used and last a limited time. When activated the bonuses from the Cinetheatre appear in the Effects list for their 12 hours. And no, it would not be confusing to have many as long as the mouse-over explains - or overlay a mini-icon of the resource. There are 13 slots in the Effects list, let us make use of them. And, for what it's worth, I did activate mine from the Inventory: it took me to the Shrine and I had to pick a god.

  • The flence extends the grace periode of the respectiv god. As it is only an addition to the current timer i guess it is not usefull to display it in inventory. Otherwise every god needs to be displayed in inventory as well.

    But it is displayed in the shrine


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