gods of olympus

  • I think they are bonuses that you exchange on this screen and then use in the temple, or they are functions that, if selected, are activated immediately in the temple


  • So are those essentially the same as the 1 day production boosters but 100 favor cheaper?

    (if you have the god happy and active in all cities)

  • Basically yes. Only significant difference I've noticed is, that you don't get a "This would have no effect" warning.



  • Chuck was much nicer in response than I think he should have been. I'm just going to say you sound quite immature and insulated to be so overtly racist on an international site. I'd be ashamed to hold such views, let alone openly express them!

    It has been offline since Thursday.

    If this person hadn't realized their mistake, they would have come to answer.

    Where did you get that screenshot from? :huh:

    I think people in Brazil saw it on Discord.

    Basically yes. Only significant difference I've noticed is, that you don't get a "This would have no effect" warning.

    But logically this warning should be, right?


  • Yes, I think that people are missing that the bonus is based off base production, not cumulative production, so the bonus isn't as large as it might first appear.

    Take someone producing 1000 BM resources per hour. Add in 60% for the Forester for 600, 20% for Ambrosia for 200, and 20% for the Cinetheatre for another 200 and you're up to 2000 per hour. The max 85% for the Shrine is 850, not 1700. You get a total of 2850 per hour, not 3700.

    The big thing for me is that it's one building for all your colonies.

  • Has anyone tested what happens if you build the Shrine in more than one city?

    My doubts are:

    - Are all Shrine levels added up to calculate the number of cities you can bless and the production boost, as with the Freighters? If so, maybe it's useful to build more than one.

    - Or only one Shrine level is used to calculate the benefits? And if so, which one is used (the highest level, the lowest, the first built, the last one...)?

    - Is there anything else different when you have more than one?

  • edit: also didn't know searching was possible

  • fun fact : return from demolishing the sanctuary in unusually high, 80% at 34th level

    Not that I expect that many people to ever demolish it, but just out of curiosity: why so much?

  • The building construction time is the same as on war servers, wasn't it supposed to be 3x faster? is it an error?

    The war servers are / were supposed to run at 3x normal speed

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  • Do the articles that appear when hovering over citizens contain spoilers for the future?

    Because there was an article before, saying "The sun is shining. Maybe the gods despise us from Olympus."

    Now the article "The economy has stagnated. I hear engineers are working on something big" appears.


  • Anyone brave enough to test what happens after the 3d period ends? Does the bar instantly go to 0/1000, or does the value decrease gradually with time? The question mark next to the time says that the blessing gets weaker, so that might suggest the 2nd option, but only one way to be sure.