(fixed) Happiness calculation in Tavern slider does not account for corruption

  • The happiness calculation in the Tavern slider does not account for corruption. I don't know if this affects the Museum too.

    Test city has level 47 Tavern, level 21 Museum, and level 38 Town Hall with 7% corruption (level 13 Palace, level 12 GR). The system of government is Theocracy and Faith is 100% and conversion rate is over 100%.

    To reproduce the issue build some units in a town that is suffering corruption - really, anything to reduce the population. Then whack the Tavern slider on full to recover the population quickly. Once the population has recovered go to the Tavern and reduce the slider so the smile turns to a thin line and click Cheers. Happiness is then recalculated downwards with corruption applied and in my test city the population becomes angry. Adjust the slider upwards and click Cheers again to resolve this.

    This issue does not arise in cities without corruption.

  • at this point of the slider the little face is still yellow and neutral

    but if i click ok .... it becomes blu .... and angry

    yes it is true

    and it always happens

    when for whatever reason you increase the wine in the tavern and then reduce it, bringing the slider down to the minimum level where the smiley face remains yellow and neutral anyway, after clicking OK SERVE, the smiley face turns angry blue

    at the end you always have to place the cursor a little to the right and give OK when the smiley face is yellow and especially smiling, not when it is neutral

    and has been happening for a long time

    luckily it is not a serious bug

    if ... it is a bug

    before ok

    after ok


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  • The problem has been fixed in version 9.0.2. The version will be deployed to the servers from 10:00 CET today. The rollout of the version will take a few hours, as the servers will be updated one by one. If the problem is still present tomorrow after deleting the browser cache and cookies, please open a new topic.


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