(fixed) daily task bug

  • Definitely a corner case here.

    I was online just before the daily task reset. I noticed that I had not screened the cultural feature so I did that while I waited for the update. Then the problem. The new task list came up including "screen the cultural feature", but the program could not deal with the fact that I completed the screening just after the reset. I now have have to wait 24 hours for the screening task to reset before I can complete it again, but in the same minute I will no longer be able to claim the reward because the daily task list will reset also.

  • Can you please add a Screen from your theather and your task view here?

    Futherermore please add your playing server and your playerID (visable in game options)


    Sig und Ava made by Butterfly I

  • Server: Orepheus

    PlayerID: Adastra

    This is not an exact recreation since everything reset hours ago, but this is close. The time remaining would have been the same if I opened the windows within the same minute.