Version 8.12.0 - 08.08.2023

  • Dear players,

    tomorrow, 08.08.2023 between 10:00 and 13:00 CEST version 8.12.0 will be rolled out to all servers.


    The system of daily tasks has been revamped:

    • Daily tasks have been divided into four different categories: Passive, Easy, Difficult and Bonus
    • Every day there are two available from each category, for a total of 8 tasks
    • The tasks are reset daily at 8 AM server time, with the Passive, Easy and Difficult tasks being changed each day
    • Once a task has been completed, you must collect the Favour of the gods manually
    • Favour is no longer reset weekly; instead, there is now a cap of 2,500 Favour to how much you can collect

    Daily Tasks – Tasks:

    • Added new daily tasks
    • The ‘Donate to upgrade of miracle’ and ‘Donate to upgrade of resource deposit’ have been combined into one task
    • ‘Spend Ambrosia’ and ‘Unlock an achievement’ have been removed
    • Passive and Easy tasks can be completed for Ambrosia

    Daily Tasks – Rewards:

    • Each reward can be redeemed 1x every 7 days
    • The costs of the rewards have been adjusted

    Bug Fixes:

    • When founding a colony, Phoenician merchant ships and freighters are no longer displayed in the colonizing menu, as these cannot be used for colonizing anyway
    • When changing the transport capacity in the transport menu, resources are no longer reset to 0 but changed dynamically according to the new total capacity

    Your Ikariam Team