Lobby: please add mouseover text or a key in 'Discover new world' section.

  • In the 'Discover a new world' section the worlds have varying numbers of small icons next to them under 'Type'. Please add mouseover text to explain what they mean, or a key at the bottom. Because right now they're indecipherable to someone who doesn't know.

  • Something like this?

    That would do very nicely as a key, but mouse-over would be even better.

    yeah i see the advantage from a mouse over.

    The displayed screen is already implemented.

    you need to klick on the little arrow

    By the way, it should be noted that a responsive design is always requested, which also works on mobile devices without any problems. MouseOver is the wrong way, because mobile devices usually do not have mice.


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  • after clicking on SHOW ALL you can select the country, choosing the flags at the top left, and the server characteristics, by scrolling the icons at the top right.

    If you are looking for ARES , select the icons representing the ability to loot gold, and or , the icon representing speed 3 x


  • yeah - in this screen you doesn't have any chance to get any explanation regarding the symbols.


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  • What about a clickable button showing a tooltip with the description, so that it also works on mobile?

    Or maybe making available the legend panel also on the first screen.

  • I'm bumping this because I was looking at the various worlds in the Lobby and some of them have sufficiently modifiers to warrant a chevron (i.e. more modifiers than can fit in the space allowed), which means that even the legend isn't sufficient because some of the modifiers are not visible.