• Guys...

    If I make 3 cities in same island with 3 temple full 100% conversion, does it work as 3 different island with same temple?

    I mean, if I have 3 different island with full temple each cities, my miracle has cooldown reduction right? But I want to know if I will have same cooldown reduction effect in a single island but 3 cities with full 100% conversion each cities.

    Thank you

  • Yes, you will have the same cooldown reduction, the effect is the same if you have 3 cities on the same island or 3 cities on 3 different islands.

  • If there is no 'deviation' from faith on another island (for instance one island has level 5 faith, another one has level 3), then they add up the same, regardless if they are on the same island or different ones.

    Both strategies have their advantages.

    On a single island (with multiple towns), you can influence the faith levels better. But if they get down, you are taking a big impact.

    On multiple islands (with one town each), there will be a high chance you will have at least one island with level 5 faith on. But if faith levels go down, you can't fix it on your own.