(reported) Unable to sell resource to a player on the same island using freighters

  • There's no point in opening a thread or reporting anything, it won't be fixed.

    Thanks for nothing! :)

    Waste of time. You are aware that you are not able to fix the bugs for months, so there is no point in me wasting my time opening a thread, sending you pictures of the problem and so on. There are so many bigger bugs in the game right now, that's why when I see a new one I just get used to it, but it won't be like that forever. One day the players will leave the game and you will hopefully be working on a conveyor belt of Chinese plastic slippers.


  • If someone puts up an offer for say 1,000,000 wood and I have 800,000 wood in my town the 'Accept bid' screen/panel has problems

    If I have more resources than the total amount being requested by the buyer I can

    - Set the number of Freighters I want to use

    - click max next to the sell amount on the resource line I wish to sell

    - click sell goods

    If I have fewer resources than the total amount being requested by the buyer

    - clicking the max button does not affect the Sell field

    - If I enter a certain amount of resources in the Sell field it may

    - allow the order to be placed once the sell goods button is clicked


    - cause an error stating that the fleet does not have enough space when I click the sell goods button.

    The attached image of the Accept bid panel shows the second form of the error

    - I have about 450,000 wine available in the town

    - I have selected 8 Freighters so I could send up to 400,000 wine

    - I have had to hand-enter 350,000 as the max button does nothing

    - Clicking Sell goods results in the error shown - "Your trade fleet doesn't have enough space

  • I want to sell 2.000.000 stones, I have 40 free freighters yet I get error message not enough space.

    See picture bellow

    You can see 40 available ships x 50.000 each

    Error message at the bottom

  • It works when placing a buy, but doesn't do anything when trying to sell goods.

    Tested on both Current Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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  • I don't use scripts.. buying works, selling it doesn't seem to work

    What browser / version are you using? i tried firefox and chrome neither works for sell orders.

    and ya have all ships in port including freighters.

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  • The town in question was 9 islands away.. but It seems to do it with all sell offers I tried a handful and they all have the problem for me.

    What browser and version was you using Draxo?

    Diplomat - Raging Kings [Beta]

  • Not only on the same island, also far away...

    I was able to reproduce it: I want to "sell" someone 1 mio wood, I am not able to do that and while I want to sell, I get the "You don't have enough capacity" error:

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  • alright been checking other towns.. it seems like this is only happening on some towns.. I thought perhaps it was specific player, or the name of the town "polis" but no.. it seems random I can't find a pattern to it.

    EDIT: here's a quick video you can see me checking towns some work some dont.. I have no idea the connection


    P.S temporary video, it expires in 2 days.

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  • I used to have this problem on my godmode account. I had to manually type in the numbers of goods to sell. I checked some other accounts and they also had the problem. I haven't seen it recently, though. My godmode account doesn't have the issue anymore, so I thought it had been fixed. :/


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  • Ok, happened again with different buyer.

    Just now, someone wants to but 8.000.000 at 9 gold/piece, I cannot sell 50.000 using freighters, but I can sell using regular ships (500 capacity)

    Maybe it has something to do with big numbers? Millions of resources.

    I was able to load when someone wants 500.000, but 8.000.000 is different story.

    Maybe system has cap on million?

    He has sufficient gold (I had to check if by error he's able to post offer without sufficient gold) - its not that

  • i can not sell goods using freigthers. I get message ... fleet does not have enough space.... ??? very strange bug.

    I can send goods from city to city with freighters... and have no message as such above.