Version 8.11.0 incoming!

  • Dear players,

    tomorrow, 29.06.2023 between 10:00 and 13:00 CEST version 8.11.0 will be rolled out to all servers.

    This version is yet another part of our quality of life improvements and "tiny steps" approach to continuously, step by step improve the game experience.

    The version includes the following changes:

    Change Log:

    • Added Phoenician freighters
      • Up to 20 Phoenician freighters can be purchased using Ambrosia at the trading port
    • Reworked the transport menu
      • Added a ship selection
      • The transport capacity is shown in more detail
      • The date is shown with the arrival time
    • Reworked the purchasing menu in the trading port
      • Added Phoenician freighters
      • Added the speed and transport capacity of merchant ships to the tooltip
    • Help Menu
      • The help menu now shows the transport capacity of merchant ships and freighters

    Stay tuned for more news, as we're not even close to done yet!

    Your Ikariam Team