Question about the dockyard

  • Hi All,

    I’m coming from a small server where the top players have 1mil points and I’m ranked 10 with 800k. I want to invest in a dockyard in my capital but it will not be an easy task and it will take me a month and halt almost all other constructions.
    my goal is to be able to buy a large ship or two with the capacity of 100k to transport grape between cities and fully dedicate my trading ships for raids. So my question is:

    If I build the dockyard just in the capital, let’s say City A. And I have 8 cities B, C, D… Will I be able to use these cargo ships between the other cities? Let’s say I want to use them between city B and C. Knowing that these cities will not have a dockyard.

    2nd question: if not, will I be able to send resources from City A to city D even if the city from the receiving end does not have a dockyard?

    thank you!