(fixed) Delayed actions

  • Hi,

    after many years I started playing Ikariam again few days ago and I have question about what seems to be a lag on servers.

    When I'm transporting/receiving materials or troops in my towns there is often several minutes lag, same thing when recruiting troops or capturing pirate fortress or fighting battle

    I'm playing just on Pangaia 5 but I just now tried also Pangaia 4 and there seems to be NO lag so it could be just related to Pangaia 5

    So is there some bug on server or is it at my side or is not bug at all?

  • Maybe your problem is related to page not refreshing automatically?

    I can see the times you underlined are in the past, but the remaining time of them shows a dash (-), and that means the remaining time has already reached 0.

    If the page doesn't refresh automatically when the time reaches 0, what I do to force a refresh is to click on the current tab (in your case Troop movements), and that will make the page to reload again and request fresh data from the server. If that doesn't work, you can also refresh the whole browser tab with F5, but that will take more time and resources.

    I hope this can help you.

  • Yes, I'm refreshing the page but that isn't helping. It just stays there with a dash in 'movement' tab and even in the log it appears with delayed time when it proceeds. Like on the screen in my first post there is a battle with barbarians which should proceed at 16:27 but here is a screen of my battle log which shows the battle happened at 16:32.

    This isn't happening always, like yesterday evening I had this kind delay (2-6min) on almost every action. Today I had no longer any delay appearing until the evening then it started occurring again. So I though that it's probably lagging but when I tried Pangaia 4 at the same time there was everything smooth even when there were more people online than on Pangaia 5

  • Yeah time on my computer is the same as on the server.

    As I'm also playing on Pangaia 4 for now I can say there is everything OK. On Pangaia 5 is still bad. Also there is some post on discord english channel mentioning similar lags on Pangaia 5. So it seems to be some bug on server side affecting only Pangaia 5

  • Hello @all,

    system admins have changed some things.

    If someone still notice delayed actions please let us know again :)


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