World War Declaration : War, A-L, DARK vs CRAZY, Vkg, ROU, AXΞRG

  • It's about time to have a ⚔️ ( World War ) ⚔️
    Pangaia 1 proved to be the most interesting and active server in Ikariam so far 🔥🔥🔥
    Yet there is no doubt that like any other old server the action started decreasing and players are loosing interest in it slowly.

    So many players suggested to start a server⚔️ ( World War ) ⚔️ here to bring back the action and motivate the players to continue their journey in this server and at the same time to see the true strength and potential of every alliance in the server.

    And since almost all the server players finished their army upgrades and the main researches we believe that it is indeed the time to start such a big war between everyone.

    So after long studies and surveys it was decided so have the world war and 7 main alliances are participating so far divided into 2 main teams.

    The two main teams are :

    Team 1 Team 2
    War CRAZY
    A-L Vkg

    The war will be for 1 month only

    War Starts: 15.05.2023 14:00 o'clock (game time)

    War ends: 15.06.2023 14:00 o'clock (game time)

    War Rules :
    It will mainly be a gauntlet war and at the end of the war the gauntlet points will be added for each team to know the final winner in term of a team and separate alliance