(fixed) Some texts are displayed in two lines in Sea Chart Archive for freighter

  • I'm currently upgrading a Sea Chart Archive and the window appears as below:

    You can see that the formatting for the 20 and 50 islands entries needs attention - everything should be on the same line. This issue only appears with the Freighter. Browser is Google Chrome for Windows. I've checked other Sea Chart Archives and it is not specific to this level but every other level I've checked, apart from level 40 because there is no upgrade.

  • I have only lvl40, so i can't check. But don't you have some bigger font or something?
    For example "font size" percentage in Windows 10/11, that should be on 100%. ;)

  • The problem has been fixed in version 9.0.2. The version will be deployed to the servers from 10:00 CET today. The rollout of the version will take a few hours, as the servers will be updated one by one. If the problem is still present tomorrow after deleting the browser cache and cookies, please open a new topic.


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