(reported) upgrade the booster building if the town is moved to an island with different resource

  • I have all my cities on a marble island, but I wanted to also complete the quest of upgrading the winery and the rest of the resources bonus buildings to lvl 30.

    Before the update 8.10 i teleported a city on the wine island build the winery to lvl 1 and teleport back on the marble island.

    I upgraded the winery to lvl 16 and now after the update I can't longer upgrade it.

    The same error I receive for sulf and cristal buildings.

  • Strange

    the winery only increases its wine production if it is located on an island where wine is produced.

    If you move a polis where you have made buildings that increase the production of wine, sulphur, marble and crystal, to an island where a different resource is produced, those buildings have to be torn down and rebuilt because otherwise they don't work.

    I think that's what happened to you.


  • sorry , I lost the line ... but then I did not understand ... is there a benefit to having two buildings that increase production in the same polis ? even if one has no effect ? you never stop learning...


    many years ago ... if I remember correctly ... you could not build and raise a building that was not suitable for the resource of the island ... I had moved my polis and I could not raise it any more level ...


  • You missed the main point, i never said i care or i need the bonus of the building.

    I just want it to upgrade to lvl 30 to complete the quest.

    Before the new version i could upgrate it, but now i can't.

  • OMG !!!



    now I understand ... sorry but it's something too far from my way of playing .... I would never have thought of something like this ...