War Declaration AveCesare(Ave) VS Onepiece(ONE)

  • Good evening pangaia3, i'm the general of Ave. After the war clearly won against 681, we continue our growth path and we are pleased to announce that our next challengers are ONE. Reasons: keep testing this nice group8)

    We propose a war with rules:

    1. Only the combat reports (CR) between players having the respective TAGs involved will be considered valid even if expelled;
    2. The CRs must be posted in the respective section in the Forum no later than 48h;
    3. Only CRs with more than 200 general points lost by at least one of the two parties will be considered valid for counting purposes;
    4. Alliance players are allowed to join and leave from the beginning of the conflict until the end;
    5. looting is allowed, looting over 10,000 resources counts, and every 10,000 resources looted counts as 200 generals destroyed
    1. - Start of the war day 18/03/2023 at 00.01

    2. Penalty:
    3. 1) The use of vacation mode is prohibited under attack, under occupation, under naval blockade, under return of naval or land units;
    4. 2) Prohibited dismantling of generals (Cancellation of troops under construction including) under attack, under occupation, under naval blockade;
    5. 3) The use of the Colossus miracle is prohibited;
    6. 4) Prohibited movement of Polis with Ambrosia

    9. -The achievement by one of the two alliances of 50,000 general points killed;
    10. -The achievement by one of the two alliances of 25,000 general points of GAP between General Points knocked down and General Points lost;
    11. -When 23.59 on 31/03/2023 is reached, the day from the agreed start of the war with agreements, the alliance that inflicted the most damage will be declared the winner;

    12. Positions authorized to post in the forum:
    13. leader Dead_Blood
    14. general Mezzosangue
    15. minister Coccobello00
    16. diplomatic licant

    17. If the alliance rejects the rules, the war will be done without agreements according to the standard rules of ikariam.
  • What a sarcastic ad!

    While we are at war with ROU Alliance, they suddenly decide that they will start a war against us!!

    is this your understanding of declaring war?!

    While you are far from our alliance and there is none of you by our side, have you decided to declare war and wage it against us?! What are the reasons for the war? We do not understand what they are trying to do, and we do not know what is interesting about declaring war on an alliance that is far from us. you try to save your alliance because they are very far about us, it's ad a war comidy.. good job for you

    The response will be to all those who try to move against us and attack us.. We will always defend ourselves and we will respond appropriately.. As for the absurd declaration submitted by your alliance against us.. we reject it at the present time and as we mentioned, the AVE coalition is not close to us until we fight a war against them .. if we should fight 1 player let us know :)

    I do not know the meaning of this announcement or the extent of its study, but I know now how much the leadership of your alliance is a failed administration for announcing such an announcement..

    Now tell us, should we leave our war with this interesting alliance that is with us on the same islands in order to fight one player close to us from your alliance!!

    Two Rule You Should Know

    The first: Don't Play Against Me 8)

    The second: Don't Forget The First ;)

  • Do you play ikariam or can you just cry?

    no i need to see you in the game to fight :) or do you just attack small account and try to be strong when you attack them. let's come to me baby ^__^

    Two Rule You Should Know

    The first: Don't Play Against Me 8)

    The second: Don't Forget The First ;)

  • So as you guys already know, we are at war against Rou alliance.

    Find another alliance, we are hands full against Rou.

    we are not responding your attacks.

    Goodbye and have fun.