(fixed) Line breaks are doubled when messages are published

  • Hallo and Happy New Year.

    The last few days, I have noticed that when a message is submitted and published, all the line breaks are doubled.

    For example, when I write the following:

    1. Text
    2. Text
    3. Text

    when the message is published it is converted to:

    1. Text
    2. Text
    3. Text

    I assume that, probably, It has to do with the line break conversions from the characters \r\n, \r, \n to <br>, when the message is submitted.

    Best wishes to all of us.


  • I have noticed it, when I write a personal message or an alliance circular message, all in-game.

    This is the text, I wrote:

    This is what the text looks like in the outgoing messages:

    This is my message from a friend that we play on the same server:

    The devtools show that there are 2 line breaks (<br>) instead of one:


  • Could you please confirm about what type of messages are you talking here - game messages, alliance forum posts or posts of this forum? Or something else?

    Any screenshot of entered text and result of submitted text?

    I also have the same problem mentioned above, should be a general issue. There is no problem when continuing the message without pressing the enter key until it goes to a new line. The issue is that 1 "enter" counts as 2 when you send circular or normal message

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  • I can confirm that the problem exists. In addition, when we respond to alliance circular message, the code probably breaks somewhere and the > symbol appears.

    The original message.

    When another ally replies.


  • Are you sure this is new?

    Because this issue, with line breaks is in game like... forever.

    I thought this is by design :D

    the '>' line breaks aren't new, but the doubling is.

    I've had a few alliance circulars like this too, exactly as shown by The Baron above in post #5

    Used to be



    now its



    Minor issue in the scheme of things.

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  • Hello

    I can confirm the bugg. I have he're 2 printscreens from alliance message, the first one with the bugg and the second one is normal. Not all messages are bugged. Just a few out of the 100 messages I get each day.

  • First of all, that problem must exist in every country.

    Because I know it has existed since Version 8.8.0 came (so, I'm surprised you just talked now about the problem existed since September).

    It seems like an issue that you can work around if you make the lines of your message adjacent (like this text for example).


  • The problem has been fixed in version 9.0.2. The version will be deployed to the servers from 10:00 CET today. The rollout of the version will take a few hours, as the servers will be updated one by one. If the problem is still present tomorrow after deleting the browser cache and cookies, please open a new topic.


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