Welcome to the International Section

  • First of all, we would like to welcome you all to the International section. This is a section (despite its name) for the communities that are not big enough to require their own section. For that reason the languages here are the languages that belong here:

    BG - DK - FI - LT - NL - NO - SE - SI - SK - TW

    This refers to the following countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia and Taiwan.

    We will of course also tolerate English. However the other languages are asked (and will be directed to) either using their own dedicated section or use English.

    Please when you post chose a label for which language you want to post in. This makes it easier for everyone to sort and find the posts regarding your languages. The letters in the top are quick-links that will take you to all the posts with that label in the section you are currently in (same goes for pressing on a label in the thread).

    We hope this will clear up some misunderstandings regarding what is considered the International section.

    Enjoy your stay, and please follow the Code of Conduct during your time here in the boards.


    Translator NO

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