How to setup IP-Sharing and manage legally multiple accounts

  • Dear Players,
    update 0.6.4 (released in 2015) introduced a limit of 10 partners who can legally play on the same network of a user. In this way, nobody can legally have more than 11 accounts to manage. We would like to point out that any further undeclared account that interacts with one of the declared accounts will be permabanned (for multiaccount), along with other declared involved account.

    * How to create an IP Sharing agreements with another account on the same server:

    1. Click on "Options" ingame, then choose "IP Sharing".
    2. Type in the player account name you wish to share IP with.
    3. PlayerX then MUST ACCEPT the IP sharing agreement for this process to complete.

    * If you have more than one account that share the same IP or not, then all accounts MUST be linked to each other. Similarly for family members or friends on same IP:

    For example, if there are 4 accounts that share IP:

    Account1 must be linked to Account2, 3 and 4
    Account2 must be linked to Account3 and 4 (it is already linked to Account1)
    Account3 must be linked to Account4 (it is already linked to Account1 and Account2)

    - even if they are temporary.
    - even if you decide to delete them later, or in the process of deletion, or in inactivity.
    - circumventing the multi rules is not allowed; be it pillaging, transferring pirate / capture points, sending, selling, or receiving resources.

    We remind - again - that building multiaccounts just with the intent to be raided by someone else is not allowed, because it is considered violation of pushing rule.

    Originally posted by Sampisa - 30th March 2015