Disquiet in the Ranks - GF Blanket Message Re Ukraine

  • Hi

    There are a few players in our alliance living in North America who have Ukrainian parent/s. One can even remember German bombers over Copenhagen.

    These things have slipped into the conversation on circs the past few days...

    Does anyone else share some discomfort that GF should announce so draconian a censorship ban on even mentioning the current situation between two big countries in Eastern Europe?

    Toilet paper is in short supply in the Baltic States as well.

    And while we're at it GF are still to properly address all kinds of nefarious multi account activities, VPN abuse, multiple sitters to maintain accounts in battle for far longer than possible by single individual players like myself. But have taken the time to condemn any use of certain words even if used in a non insulting way. Shameful guys.


  • its sad that 99% of the word condemns Russia for this and supports Ukraine but clearly Gameforge supports the russian agenda and is ok with suppressing support for Ukraine.

    I hope no one spends another dime on this game!

  • I understand not wanting to provoke political arguments in an online game. But where is the line drawn?

    There are people who have Ukraine as a town name. There are players who can now choose Russian as their language and have the Russian flag appear next to their name ingame. Are these considered offensive and ban-able now, or is this warning more for people causing political arguments?

    Basically, should we start telling our players to remove the town name "Ukraine" from their cities and should the people using Russian de-activate the flag?

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  • Toilet paper is in short supply in the Baltic States as well.

    Please do not post false information - as a citizen of Baltic country, I definitely see no problems to buy in the shops whatever I want.

    Just went to look to see if I could select Ukrainian flag as an option in my settings

    Because there is no and never has been such thing as Ukrainian community for Ikariam.

    Secondly - this is a game, not some kind of social network. It's enough to see nothing else but only news about war in all other portals and chats, so please keep at least this place free of politics and let the people take some moment from the real world.

  • This is a game. We should not enter the problems in the world inside the game or diplomatic matters. We play only because we have free time to have fun


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  • What a wonderful time to be alive, eh?

    First of all: Gameforge never has and never will make any sort of political statement. We are a gaming publisher and our goal is to spread fun and joy through games to the world. We're aware of things that happen, we most certainly are humans as well and have opinions, but we've always made it a point to keep them out of our job as a game publisher and we'll continue to do so. This is, by any stretch of the imagination, not a political statement in either direction, as a matter of fact, it is a statement of non-interference and keeping politics out of our platforms.

    Allowing politics on our platforms can and will only result in difficult an undesired situations and never leads to any good outcome, which is, why we've always made it a point to keep politics out. We're not taking sides, with no one. Ever. That is the whole point.

    I must admit, that the message sent out by my admin today was well meant but not necessarily well done and unfortunately I wasn't consulted prior to sending it out. I would've worded it very differently, shorter and more straight to the point. That point is, always has been and always will be: keep politics OUT. If you want to make political statements, that is absolutely and irrevocably your prerogative, however, it is ours to say "We do not want any of those on our platforms, absolutely regardless of the actual content.".

    I am aware that this will make some of you happy, some of you angry and will leave some of you untouched. It is, however, what we've always said and how we've always handled this topic and we will most definitely not change this now.

    Basically, should we start telling our players to remove the town name "Ukraine" from their cities and should the people using Russian de-activate the flag?

    As to the question of whether Ukraine, Russia, Kiew, etc. are now considered undesirable town names, account names, etc.: no, of course they are not. City names, country names, etc. in and for themselves are not political statements and can obviously still be used. That even still applies to account names such as Putin,Selenskyj etc.: those in and for themselves may be considered questionable, however, are not necessarily a political statement.

    What we will and can not leave unanswered are any and all political statements, demands, insults, threats, basically things that are going way deeper than just naming your town after a Ukrainian or Russian town in real life.

    Rest assured, that we'll investigate each and every case one by one. In doubt, you can always come to me and ask me personally. I will inform all teamlers, that no actions concerning this are to be taken without consulting with their Community Manager or me.

    I am aware of the fact that some of you may want to further discuss this matter. Please read, what I wrote above. We are not in the habit of allowing political discussions and this thread definitely qualifies as such. I have now given you as much of an official Gameforge statement in the matter as you will receive. Please understand, that this is therefore the end of the matter and reopening similar threads will be treated accordingly (as in: they will be closed without further response),


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