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  • Like Draxo have you ever even seen beta server? it's a mess of dozens of illegal multis trying to kill it and their doing a good job because the go's are not.

    Pretty sad after 14 years of playing this to see this amount of cheating bring a whole server down.

    The inactives are the least of your problem's.

    Any idea when they will merge beta to a new server?

    I give it a month and it's toast.

  • I've just seen a couple of Inactive purged on Beta but these are players who have recently become inactive rather than players who had been de-ghosted.

  • I've just seen a couple of Inactive purged on Beta but these are players who have recently become inactive rather than players who had been de-ghosted.

    Yup, had a few go today from our alliance that went inactive about 2 months ago, came back 2 weeks ago in v.mode and are now gone.

    Spots were taken instantly by enemy mobes. lol!

  • So this is what I am seeing the last 2 days. New inactives which are plenty on beta are being deleted/ghosted yet all the old ghost accounts are still there.

    Beta server after being over run by a group of multi accounters now has a huge evacuation rate on the server and i lose 2 cultural treaties a day the last 3 days.

    The old accounts are still all there. The spots that are open are very quickly scooped up by multi's and some guys have dozens of them.

    Judging by the people v.modeing because the games unplayable now on beta there will be more spots open if your fast.

  • so right now inactives are disappearing non stop on beta but you best be fast as pga alliance is filling the spots with illegal mobes as fast as they can create new accounts.

    One guy bragged he had over 25 accounts.

  • I gave up, tickets are answered as to the devs are looking into it.

    I got offered 200 euros for my main account from PGA as they are buying accounts left and right.

    Beta is in a free fall right now, everyone v.mode or now inactive.

    Thanks for the merge gameforge.

    The games totally unplayable now with hundreds of illegal multi accounts.

  • A few thousand have gone but there are thousands more yet to go.

    Are you talking about the pga illegal multis? heh heh!

    PGA cant make accounts fast enough to fill all the spots but they are trying.

    I got spots on all my islands open now but I would not recommend planting there.

    We have a bit of an infestation problem at the moment.

  • crybaby

  • Check the offence scores on beta,you will find our general in #1 spot and 3 more including me in the top ten scores. Not bad for an alliance of 55 guys against an alliance of 200 not to mention their other allies which totals over 450.

    We fight guys with a million gen scores 24/7.

    If I get around to starting a topic in the war section for cr's you may be quite shocked to see some of the largest battles in ikariam bar none.

    Dont think I'm the crybaby here.

  • Im looking at the score boards a lot actually.

    there is no active player with 1m gen score. (Deliverance) is close and i guess his on your side?

    at the times u said "multi's with 500K gen score" there were MAYBE one or two active players with those scores.

    the total amount of gen score is 100M for the Persian side (which is a lot for you guys....)

    look at Israel Beta server . 250M gen score alliance vs 200M gen alliance with much more offence and defense score (now the war cooled a bit, and still) this is what the game has become a long time ago.

    you're a crybaby because of they way you word your comments crying about inactive not deleted then going on to complain about how other people who got merged to your server is using the tools the game offers EVERYONE to beat you and you cry for the admins. its in your character...

    btw. didnt see you at the top 10 offence score or defense , you go by a different name?

  • not one player we are fighting has under 300,000 gens which can rise to a million in the blink of an aye and has many times in the years we have been fighting them.

    I guess people who use illegal multis will always trumpet how bad the honest players are for not breaking the rules,I know that legally most of these scores are impossible unless your cheating.

    2 of my accounts are in the top ten.

  • what you are saying is old news, the game is broken for years now.....

    I know, been getting banned for years for reporting what was to come and it has come.

    Time to fight. I may open a war cr thread when i get days off.

    Show what its like to fight a hundred illegal multis run by accounts that never sleep.

    Thankfully our general Deliverance is one of the best tactical fighters on the server.

    He has a lot of support from the server because he is well respected and frankly pga have been trying for 3 years now to beat LAW and have lost and most times it's 10 guys against Del who can run a half dozen sea battles and 10 land battles at once.

    But enough talk, it's every man for himself on beta.

    LAW will win again,

    It's kinda like a war with the honest players against the cheaters and the cheaters allways lose.

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