Black Market in Automatic Random Sales

  • OK it's not my fevered imagination

    After a series of carrier raids on my town I found a bunch of random troops on sale in my Black Market. I can't remember now what price they were set at as I took them down asap.

    Either this is just another bug or some weird exploit

    It has happened in the past and enemy have bought stuff from under my nose - I thought it was just me going mad and placing things at random prices into the Black Market then forgetting I'd done so.

    Nope - I am still sane. Anyone had similar?


  • How long has this been going on? And were these troops/ships you actually had, or did the game create the units?

    We've seen some strange things with black markets lately, but not that.

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  • No chance whatsoever of access - I'll keep my eye on it but after a wave attack by air or sea I'm normally under some pressure so these things can go unnoticed

    Thanks for looking into this

    I'm sure others have reported amongst eachother in alliance oddities in BM behaviour