Beginner Daily Task Question

  • So, I've done the tutorial and built a palace. I want to crank through the daily tasks to get the rewards.

    First daily task: Raid barbarian village.

    Seems simple enough, go to island map, click on barbarian village, click on pillage option, send a half dozen spearmen (I told you I'm a beginner) and a trade ship to haul off the goodies. All set!

    The attack is carried out, and I destroy a barbarian army and get some loot. Seems good.

    I come back to the daily tasks page, and there is no check mark beside "Raid barbarian village." Uh, did I raid it or not? There are check marks beside "Research something", "Commission building work", and "Unlock an achievement", but not beside "Raid barbarian village". Am I just going about this all wrong?:/

  • But if I did it 100 times in a day, shouldn't it at least show complete?

    And yes, after the end of the raid, still nothing. I just wanted to verify that "Raid barbarian village" meant go attack the village.