Increase Cargo ships

  • Just make them available for gold, atm 180 +12 from login bonus is just insanely low at 2022.
    Or change their capacity, doesn't really matter

    The problems:
    Loading from pillaging an enemy with destroyed Trading Port takes a week. (I know, I know - wrong Government's ruling form)
    Moving 90k res / day from town to town is just too much, even with proper buildings and bonuses. (After merge, you'd expect players to to place towns closer to each other? Players want miracles or will be gimped for life!)
    That good achievement for having 200+ ships is impossible without Ambrosia :) (But GF stopped giving Ambrosia for Christmas so free to play players can never obtain it)

  • Sounds great.

    But ikariam is not about convenience, but about limitations. Surely such a step will lead, for example, to the fact that robberies will become more risky for miners. I think it would be reasonable to add the 5th branch of research, dividing the existing block "economy" into social and economic components. And then, in future economic sciences, increase the capacity by 20 with each level.

  • That's not a bad idea.

  • I tried it and it worked.