Please address pay-to-win and multi-accounting abuses

  • I understand pay to win, it takes money to run these servers and keep them well I would say updated but no updates in the last decade... But the multi-accounting they ignore is what is killing the game. These general banks are the result of multi-account and of course made possible by the black market but most of these gen banks are run by individual players and fed by their alts via separate VPN connections which is against the rules of the game but ignore by several players and moderators/game support. This is the main reason I don't/am not willing to spend money on ambrosia. I've been playing for several years well over a decade and am in a position where I could spend a decent amount on ambrosia but it always comes down to why. Why spend the money I work hard for when I just get pushed around by players who cheat and are encouraged to cheat by the rules of the game not being enforced.

    Has the game now come to where we should all start cheating? Is this what gameforge wants?

    Anytime i have mentioned this i have got a 3 day disciplinary. Threads get closed but guess what? I was right. Maybe they should listen to me instead of banning me. Thankfully God of War we have and have had the best fighters on the server for years dealing with these cheats honestly. 4 times they have come after us and 4 times a lot of them got banned for illegal multis and thats why they want to kill the server now with over 200 members against a handfull of us fighters in all alliances involved.

    Sour grapes from losing so many times even with cheating.

    I dont expect GF or any GO to do anything though so we are on our own again fighting 800,000 gen scores.

    After 4 years of this we are good at beating them even though outnumbered 50 to 1 or more.

  • My apologies if the idea creator has already posted this new twist for eradication of generals banks - well at least severe curtailment

    For the first 48 hours of Vmode troop and ship gold costs are still incurred...

  • you know all a GO has to do is check out troop and fleet movements and trades and when you see an account that does this for weeks in a row you know it's not one guy playing the account. This is what we go through on beta and why most alliances have been v.moded for close to a month now.The next merge will be beta to another one the way its going since the last merge. Totally unplayable for the people this game was intended for and they way it was intended to be played.

  • you know all a GO has to do is check out troop and fleet movements and trades and when you see an account that does this for weeks in a row you know it's not one guy playing the account.

    That's great to have a guy who can see what happens behind the monitor of other people, I wish I had such skills too!

    i'm pretty sure the game operators have the tools to do that.

    Anyways the whole games done if this is not addressed.

    Just ask everyone on beta.

    7 to 8 weeks most have been sieged now with the help of guys playing a dozen or more account's each.

    This is not just my alliance,this is all of them and they cleary said their intention is to take down the server.

    You TELL me how i'm supposed to fight someone with a million point generals score.

    Are you implying that this is the way the game was intended to be played?

    [mod='Kikoguns']User banned for reporting severe game exploits. Please use the proper channels to report game violations[/mod]

  • Here's what Beta server looks like and why I say if you dont fix these problems the game is dead.

    One of my members just logged-in and the welcome screen said 18 users on line.

    heh heh! Nothing to see here folks. Like I said the games unplayable but i guess you wont believe me untill beta is totally dead.

    You got your's dead Jim.

    18 players are not going to pay the bills.