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  • Server/World s301 Pangaia 1 - special server

    Start: 17.02.2022

    Close: still active

    Board announcement:

    New World: Pangaia 1

    February 17th, 2022


    Dear Players

    it has been your demand for a long, long time and we're going to try it out: a global server.

    On 17.02.2022 we are going to open a global server, intended for a global audience. It is going to be hosted on EN, however, everyone is invited from all over the world.

    To facilitate this, you will be able to choose your UI language ingame, meaning: while the server is hosted on EN, you will still be able to have the game's UI in your preferred language.

    Please remember, that the server's language is still EN, meaning: support is only provided in English and you are asked to keep your alliance and profile texts and communication in English.

    The server will have the following settings:

    • 20% higher income of building materials, wine, crystal and sulfur
    • 50% higher income of marbles
    • 30% quicker training of troops and building of ships
    • 30% quicker construction of buildings
    • 10% faster trade ships

    To enhance the experience we'll also add some temporary "event-like" bonus boosts every now and then on top of that, so there is something to look forward to.

    Are you ready for the global competition? Let's find out! We'll await you on Pangaia.

    Your Ikariam Team