Servers in Ikariam EN

  • The post on server start dates is incorrect: Servers in Ikariam EN

    I played on the Xi server from when it began, which was in 2011 not 2009. Looks like a lot of the other servers have inaccurate dates as well.

  • Every date on that thread is correct. Dates were taken from announcement posts in the old forum. A copy of the post was included for each server.

    Since those servers do not exist anymore it is hard to prove I am right, but I can give you one good reason that your year 2011 for Xi is wrong.

    Server Pi, that still exists, show this info:

    World info


    Name: Pi

    Speed: 1

    Time of departure : 01.09.2010

    Xi was launched in 2009, before Pi in 2010, it cannot be 2011.

  • I played on Xi from day one; I founded the first alliance on Xi (Xiber) in five days. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I made my account one minute after the server went live.

    In 2011.

    Regardless of where you got them, the dates in the thread are incorrect. Take it from someone who lived it.

  • You are showing me your registration on server Xi in community US.

    The servers in this list are from EN community.

    Xi in EN and Xi in US have different launch dates,

    As the title says: "Servers in Ikariam EN" I am talking about EN community, while you are talking about another community.