Soft Merge Question Thread

  • Now get 404 error when opening Zelos

    On it.


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  • I see a few people have posted about the problem many of us trying to move to Ny are having. Whether you are in an alliance or not, this message:

    • Alliance name is already in use. Please choose another one

    Even after changing alliance name to one that is NOT in use on Ny, same message. So for almost 12 hours, I and alliance mates have not been able to move. Slowly the number of free spaces is decreasing - 0nly by about a hundred in 11 hours, so this problem must be widespread.

    Please, can someone address this problem? The issues people are having with banned accounts and forced Vacation mode have at least been acknowleged and a fix or timeline for a fix have been posted. When will the Alliance name problem be fixed for Ny so we can move?

    Please send ticket

    sent in 2 tickets yesterday and have now sent one in today for the 404 error. Zelos is totally down now.

  • badidol

    In the news section you did not mention the problem with the Zelos server version 8.6.0 not being the same as the target servers.

    I did send in ticket about this yesterday and have not even had a reply to it.

    Sent in ticket today for the 404 error. got reply to log out and log back in . Didn't help (sent reply in ticket system).

    Also see that a new server is coming online on the 6th ???? Why is GF adding new server and closing one that has been up for only 3 months?

  • I'm going to abandon Zelos at this rate. I don't think they're fixing problems for Zelos. Before the 404 error, cargo ships couldn't finish loading anyway. I will start once again on December 06th. It was lucky that I didn't spend ambrosia on Zelos.

  • Sending a ticket on a global issue is a waste of time and resources. period.

    it's a global issue, there is a bug logged on the forum, from that point, if proper procedures are followed from the IT world, then the staff should have relayed this to the devs, and the devs should be working with the QA to test the fixes before they come back to the staff who will then update the thread in the bug section with the good news....very simple right ?

    however.. this is GF... who seem to think that it's a great idea to mass flood the ticket system for every single person and all their accounts for something that isn't only happening to them but everyone else. ie global issue...

    this has gone far beyond simply being a joke... it's an embarrassment. the players ? we're the jokes here... and GF is laughing real hard right now.....


  • I did spend money, didn't plan on this only being a 90 day server. Seems to me that this is a bait and switch. And GF is going to start a new server, that is not right

  • Your account is banned until:Tuesday, 19 January 2038, 02:14
    Reason: Accountverplaatsing

    is this normal? and does it resolve itself?

  • What was so different about this merger? I remember the 1st one coming from Delta to Beta and It seemed like things worked without issue.

    doesn't seem like the game has had many front end changes since then that I can remember.

    things on the backend changed to such a degree the code they used last time had to be completely rewritten?

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  • Just to be clear once more, this is the current situation (at about 15:40 game time aka GMT+1):

    • "I'm banned" --> It's ok, on the exodus server the account is banned for Account transfer. No need to open a ticket
    • "I'm in vmode" --> It's ok, a script removes hourly (at xx:05) the vmode to every transferred account, so the players just have to wait the 5th minute of the hour. No need to open a ticket.
    • "My fleet is missing" recognised --> it seems a problem due to an event handler that does not work properly on some servers. Working on it, no need to open a ticket.
    • "My city buildings are mixed up / city list is unordered" --> User must live with that. No need to open a ticket.
    • "I can't transfer all the cities after the merge" --> recognised, open a ticket to have it fixed.
    • "I don't receive the email after the click on the blue message" --> partially recognised. devs are working on it. Rumours says that the e-mail confirmation problem happens for those who recently changed their e-mail.
    • "I can't merge due to the alliance name" --> recognised, devs are working on it.
    • "I receive a page 404 when accessing login page" recognised --> restore of a backup is on the way. Devs are working on it
    • "target server is running a different game version." recognised --> devs are working on it

    For any doubt, contact us at

    EDIT: unluckily, as badidol said on Discord, everything works fine on QA servers, the testers can do a lot of checks and everything runs correctly. But when everything goes live you discover that test servers are not like live servers. And react differently.

  • For those having piracy issues, I sent in a ticket and got this reply:

    on exodus servers the piracy raids are deactivated. We can't activate it again. Sadly you will have to wait for the problems to be fixed.

    Best regards

    Black Scorpion

    Super Gameoperator for the us community of


    So we can not even play piracy while we sit in limbo ;(X(

  • My wife is trying to transfer two linked accounts from Rho to Beta. The first one has finally gone active in Beta, after about 12 hours in vacation mode. But we cannot see a way to do the 2nd transfer (she waited until the first one was confirmed live). Now, it may be old age that is dimming our memories of what we did (my 2 accounts went through OK to different servers after also having vacations imposed upon them), but there seems to be no "blue button" in the lobby, and Beta does not show as a world to "discover" on the full list, so how should she start the process? Clicking on the still-live Rho account gives no free option in the store/inventory either.

    Thanks for any help, however obvious it may prove to be.

  • Why is GF adding new server and closing one that has been up for only 3 months?

    GF is going to start a new server, that is not right

    I have bad news for you. :whistling:

    They've talked about that before. This happened because new server openings were pre-planned. In addition, the disappearance of the merger problem will not end the arrival of new servers. The server names were decided years ago by a game designer (who no longer works for Gameforge). There were 60-70 names in the list game designer prepared (ie the names are already ready for the next 15 years).